Book Review: The Shopping Swap by Erin Brady

dating app for android in india “Imagination is not cheating. It that’s the case, every couple is guilty of being unfaithful.” ~~ Erin Brady (Book: The Shopping Swap) The title promised a light read and the blurb makes it seem funny. Let’s find out if ‘The Shopping Swap’ is as funny as I ended up thinking… Genre: Chick-Lit Romance. Main Characters: […]

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Book Review: The 50th Law by 50 Cent & Robert Greene I probably would have overlooked ‘The 50th Law’ as I don’t usually browse the ‘Business’ section of the library. It should have been in the ‘Self-Help’ section. But its cover called and I’m not good at ignoring ‘the cover art’ calls. So I answered and got the book checked out of the library. Thinking I […]

Book Review: Someone to Love by Jude Deveraux Series: Book 10 in the ‘Montgomery/Taggert’ I got the book because I recognized the author’s name and not because of the cover. If I had gone by the cover, it’d not have landed anywhere near my stack of books. I don’t even know what the cover is trying to represent in this case, not that […]