Book Review: Busy by Tony Crabbe

Genre: Non-Fiction/Self-Help “In this world of too much we are simultaneously over-stimulated and bored; enriched and empty; connected yet isolated and alone.” ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy – How to Thrive In a World of Too Much) I saw this book last year, but thought it’s just another ‘self-help’ book. Also, I was busy. 😀 […]

Book Review: Falling Into You by Jasinda Wilder

Series: Book 1 in the ‘Falling’. “I wasn’t always in love with Colton Calloway; I was in love with his younger brother, Kyle, first.” ~~ Jasinda Wilder (Book: Falling Into You) That is a good line attention grabbing first line to hook the readers. So I downloaded the book. Of course, I had ulterior motives […]

Book Review: Diving In by Gretchen Galway

Series: Book 2 in the ‘Resort to Love’. “Being away from home can do that to you. You forget who you are, do things you’d never do otherwise.” ~~ Gretchen Galway (Book: Diving In) Maybe I should have stopped reading Ms. Gretchen Galway books as I’m not having much fun reading them. But I suspected […]

Book Review: Killing Memories by Tatiana Moore

Series: Book 1 in the ‘Killing Memories’ “Why bother if you weren’t interested in talking to someone?” ~~ Tatiana Moore (Book: Killing Memories) I kept finding this book on one or another online store and after a while thought why not have it on my eReader app. The cover looked funny (the previous one) and […]

Book Review: The Supermodel’s Best Friend by Gretchen Galway

Series: Book 1 in the ‘Resort to Love’. “That’s life. Everybody uses someone else in one way or another. We’re just biological organisms, dependent upon one another, mortal and insignificant. No point getting upset about it.” ~~ Gretchen Galway (Book: The Supermodel’s Best Friend) My response to ‘Not Quite Perfect’ wasn’t as perfect as I […]


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