Book Review: The 80/20 Principle — The Secret to Achieving More with Less by Robert Koch

Genre: Business/Nonfiction I have encountered two theories online that seems to be most popular: 1: Work harder than others to achieve your goals. 2: Working less, but achieving more. I must say the second theory is more fascinating than the first one. Hence, my decision to get the book. After all, the author is discussing […]

Book Review: Suddenly Last Summer by Sarah Morgan

Series: Book 2 in the ‘O’Neil Brothers’. “Sometimes you think you don’t want something and then it turns out you were wrong.” ~~ Sarah Morgan (Book: Suddenly Last Summer) I kept thinking that if I haven’t yet published the review of any of Sarah Morgan’s books, then why I have a feeling that I have […]

Book Review: Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T Kiyosaki

Genre: Self-Help “If you cannot get control of yourself, do not try to get rich. It makes no sense to invest, make money and blow it.” ~~ Robert T Kiyosaki (Book: Rich Dad Poor Dad) I have read rave reviews of this book on some or other sites since landing online. Even by Indian readers […]

Book Review: An Éclair to Remember by Rich Amooi

 “You don’t choose the people you want to love. You can’t force it. love finds you. And it happens on its own and when it’s ready.” ~~ Rich Amooi (Book: An Éclair to Remember) The cover art done in pastel colors just don’t show up nicely for the photo-shoot. Anyway, let’s move to the review… […]


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