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Book Review: Annie’s 1st Break by Willee Amsden Series: Book 1 in the ‘Annie McCauley’ “Just when you thought the world had gone crazy and you couldn’t depend on human nature, you wake up and everything is back to normal.” ~~ Willee Amsden (Book: Annie’s 1st Break) I found the cover weird – I don’t know what to make of it still. But […]

Book Review: Catch a Falling Star by Geralyn Corcillo Series: Book 3 in the ‘In Love in the Limelight’ “Going through your life single when you haven’t found someone you want to be with is not a bad thing. Forcing it when the lightning hasn’t struck – that’s sad.” ~~ Geralyn Corcillo (Book: Catch a Falling Star) I don’t know what I’m expecting from […]

Book Review: The Man Test by Amanda Aksel Series: Book 1 in ‘The Marin Test’ “Cheating is all about opportunity. When a man encounters a discreet, mess-free opportunity to have sex with a woman he won’t say no. it’s in their DNA. There are always opportunities.” ~~ Amanda Aksel (Book: The Man Test) Lately I have been trying to read the books I […]