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Book Review: Almost Single by Advaita Kala

“For most people, life and love are like a game of connecting-the-dots: the numbers always form a straight line to the goal. The result is a perfect picture. For the lesser half-especially for those who inhabit my world — the vision is a blur of blots and splotches and there’s no straight line to speak of.” ~~ Advaita Kala (Book: Almost Single)

This was the first Chick-Lit title that’s responsible for my addiction to the genre. 😀

Despite reading quite a few books in this genre ever since, ‘Almost Single by Advaita Kala’ remains one of the best light-reads on my list. What attracted me towards this book? Of course, its cover art (it’s a bit weird).

I have never met a woman, who’d match a pair of sport shoes, with a sari! Maybe, flat-fancy sandals, wedges or stilettos etc., but not sport shoes.

The blurb’s catchy too. Yes, back then I actually used to spend time reading the blurb.

Let’s see how this one is….

Genre: Chick-Lit.

Main Characters: Aisha Bhatia, Misha, Anushka, Karan Verma.

‘Almost Single by Advaita Kala’ ~~ Synopsis:  

Aisha Bhatia is a 29-year old single girl and works as a Guest Relationship Manager in a hotel.

She hates her job and focuses all her energy into finding ‘Mr. Right’ so she too can settle down before passing the ‘marriageable age’.

Sad part of her life story is, Aisha’s not even close to finding ‘Mr. Right’ and there’s no shortage of people in her life to keep reminding her of this grim reality.

Mamma Bhatia like all good mothers tries her best to arrange a match for Aisha. But nothing ever comes out of Mamma Bhatia’s efforts.

Mamma Bhatia’s not even sure if she can find a good match for her daughter anymore. As Alisha is crossing marriageable age limit fast. Every Indian mother’s dilemma!

Aisha is content with her life and lives it her way. She’s intent on finding the mythical Mr. Right.

While spending time drinking, partying, concocting revenge plans with her BFFs and consulting astrologers, sometimes visiting strange Tantric counselors, takes up most of her time. All this is for love….of course.

In all this chaos…

Her two BFFs, Misha and Anushka, help make Aisha’s single life a bit more bearable (read: interesting!). Misha’s an insurance agent and also desperate to get married. But her target is set only on the NRI grooms and no one else will do.

Anushka is getting divorced from her cheating husband Anuj and re-entering the dating world of single women.

Aisha meets a handsome NRI guy Karan Verma while embellishing Anushka’s ex-husband’s car with toilet paper rolls. Because revenge is that tempting dish only few strong souls can manage to say no to. 😀

Aisha and Karan keep meeting each other and is evident their mutual attraction. All that’s left to see is, if Aisha has finally met the Mr. Right, and if he feels the same.

“Sometimes, I feel that the desire to love outweighs the desire to be loved. That has to be the reason why so often, we continue to love those who don’t deserve to be loved. It helps us feel emotionally employed. ‘Armor’ becomes a career, a vocation.” ~~ Advaita Kala (Book: Almost Single)


Minus Points:

Sometimes I wonder why almost every protagonist in chick-lit novels, share one or more of these traits:

A bad job, weight issues, a difficult or annoying boss, a recent break-up, great set of friends, habit of shopping till dropping all the savings, in search of Mr. Right, reaching the dreaded thirties, etc. etc. (Actually the list is quite long…I’m sure I can add a few more similar traits.)

Anyways, let’s quickly move through this section….

Nowhere is it mentioned that Aisha & Karan are dating officially and just before the end he’s proposing to her. The end is too fast.

Like I said, they are not dating…if they are not dating then the end doesn’t make much sense. All of it leaves you with a weird feeling of anticlimax. What’s the rush to end it like that?

Then I started thinking about some other Chick-Lit novels where exact same thing has happened: Undomestic Goddes, I’ve Got Your Number etc. (Here too I’m sure I can add few more titles.)

The characters are not defined in depth, which could be a problem for some readers.

But who reads this genre for well-defined characters? The genre, as I see it, is for entertainment purpose. So if you like this genre…just enjoy!

Plus Points:

The language flows smoothly and the plot is entertaining and interesting. You can finish the book within a couple of days.

Almost all characters are quirky and will keep you entertained as long as you are not expecting anything other than some light fun.

I have re-read this book just to go through the antics of Mama Bhatia, Aisha’s boss and nosy neighbor Mrs. Mukherjee a few times. These three quirky characters are responsible for most laughs in the book.

It’s not for you if you’re looking for a story about:

The typical single Indian girl getting harassed by any or everyone around her to get married or the girl waiting for someone to make the match.

If you’re looking for a quick and hilarious read, then ‘Almost Single’ is a good choice.

It’s an entertaining and easy to read! So much so you might not even realize when you have finished half of it.

Hit or Miss: Hit

Ratings: 3.5stars/5.

Buy: Amazon

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