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Book Review: An Éclair to Remember by Rich Amooi

rfi rencontres de folklore internationales fribourg suisse follow link  “You don’t choose the people you want to love. You can’t force it. love finds you. And it happens on its own and when it’s ready.” ~~ Rich Amooi (Book: An Éclair to Remember)

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brahmi rasayana buy online Genre: Contemporary Romance; Romantic Comedy.

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follow url ‘An Éclair to Remember by Rich Amooi’ ~~ Synopsis:

Oscar is getting married, but he’s no longer sure if he should get married.

As the woman, Alexa, he fell in love with seem to have vanished. She’s more interested in the perfect wedding than marrying him.

To rekindle their lost love, he comes up with an amazing plan to go on a cruise.

To his disappointment, his soon-to-be-bride isn’t in the mood to go anywhere and just want to plan their grand wedding. She tells him to go ahead with his trip without her, so she’d plan their wedding without his interruption.

Oscar didn’t say it before leaving, but he has decided not to marry Alexa.

After making the decision Oscar is looking forward to his trip. He will think about how to break the news of their break-up to Alexa when he will come back.  

Once upon a time ago, Sydney wrote a blog on travel and travelled to exotic places. But she no longer has the job that enabled her to live her dream.

Now she has a job that’s going to take her life. Her boss just won’t stop giving her more work to do and she finds it difficult to say no.

Her boss gives her more work to finish before she leaves office for her bachelorette trip on a cruise.

But she manages to finish the work and along with her best friend gets aboard the ship. It’s also possibly her last trip as her fiancé doesn’t like travelling, most certainly not to a cold place.

Sydney has resigned herself to her fate of marrying not Mr. Right, but someone who seems good enough.

On the first day of her trip, she meets Oscar and gets into a fight to keep an éclair. She knows she shouldn’t flirt with him. He’s engaged and so is she. And she doesn’t think highly of him, considering he’s kind of a celebrity.

Oscar notices Sydney and begins to fall. He acknowledges there’s something between them. So he’s not ready to give up on a chance to know Sydney.

While Oscar goes around telling Sydney that it’s not a chance, but serendipity that they met. Sydney tries her best to avoid him. He seems like exactly the kind of guy she should be with. But she doesn’t trust him. Not yet.

Then there’s also a matter of their partners at home. What to do when love find you at the most inconvenient time?

conocer chicos coreanos online Review:

Someone suffered from the view that someone is charming. I don’t agree. Oscar’s character is annoying and comes across as a stalker & too pretentious.

Sydney’s character is no better. It’s like a shadow that’s not interesting at all. She keeps crying without any reason. Actually, she’s in the presence of mighty Oscar, so maybe her weird behavior’s expected.

(Men love women who cry….a lot that seems to be the lesson in this book. And I was told that they have no idea what to do when women start crying.)

There’s also a small issue of characters being one dimensional. Also, this book is not about romance (I didn’t even find comedy but that’s subjective. At least that’s what I have heard).

It’s an ode of the great Oscar. He kept saying ‘serendipity’, but did I mention this character is a stalker.

This is such a bad start. I hope other books I have by the author are good.

The cheating part in it is debatable or rather depends on your definition of it, but consider yourself forewarned, if you don’t like that kind of theme. Hit or Miss: OK.

site de rencontre français gratuit 2014 Ratings: 2stars/5.

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