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Book Review: Annie’s 1st Break by Willee Amsden

Series: Book 1 in the ‘Annie McCauley’

“Just when you thought the world had gone crazy and you couldn’t depend on human nature, you wake up and everything is back to normal.” ~~ Willee Amsden (Book: Annie’s 1st Break)

I found the cover weird – I don’t know what to make of it still. But then I thought let’s read a couple of chapters before leaving it.

Let’s find out a little about the story…

Genre: Cozy Mystery.

Main Character: Rayanne ‘Annie’ McCauley.

‘Annie’s 1st Break by Willee Amsden’ ~~ Synopsis:

Annie comes from a small town and a poor background. She wants to be a top fashion model. She’s sure she’d achieve her goal as she’s all set to nail the interview for a new job with a well-know company Di Ponti Cosmetics and Fashions.

They need a new model to introduce their new line of products and Annie’s sure the job is hers. She’s already met the CEO of the company Tomi Di Ponti. There’s something between them that much they both know.

Though, Annie’s eyes are set on securing the contract with Tomi’s company, her heart is crazy about wanting to have him as her boyfriend. She’s sure he’s the one.

On the day of the interview, Annie thinks all is going as per her plan and nothing could go wrong. Until her childhood friend turned nemesis Brittany Carstairs make an appearance and turns Annie’s life upside down.

Brittany wants to snatch away all that Annie wants. Annie usually has no idea how to stop Brittany from messing with her life.

Annie misses the interview, but end up becoming a YouTube sensation. Thankfully, Tomi seem to have a sense of humor and understood her situation. Annie, at least, secures his approval. But that’s not enough as some members of his family must approve of Annie too, as they have a stake in the company. Annie couldn’t believe her luck. Why her life cannot run smoothly?

Annie despite complications falling on her from all directions manages to secure the job and begins to dream about becoming famous. But that doesn’t mean her life would run smoothly now.

Soon her life begins to spiral out of control when Brittany becomes a permanent fixture in her life, trying her best to attract Tomi and get him to throw Annie out of the advertisement. Turns out Tomi is hiding a secret as well.

Then some shady people get involved, complicating Annie’s life further and she hires a detective and a bodyguard. Would she be able to get out of the mess? Would Tomi understand that all that happens around her are accidents and not something she does on purpose?


Okay, let’s begin with Annie’s first stupidity – getting glued to the toilet seat. I had a difficult time believing that she actually didn’t inspect it as it’s not in her own house.

But I also didn’t dwell on it or abandon the book because of it and soon forgot it enough to enjoy the story. The story is funny. What makes it funny is: Annie’s naiveté and her refusal to see people as they are, especially Tomi & her nemesis Brittany.

Another reason is: Annie’s extremely accident prone, especially when things are going her way. I wondered if I should give her a benefit of the doubt as she’s in her early twenties. But that’s no excuse to be so stupid, especially when she wants to succeed in such a competitive field such as fashion model.

Despite my reservations I continued and soon forgot about abandoning the book as its funny.  Annie gets into some ridiculous situations.

If you’re looking for a comedy plus a bit of mystery thrown in, consider ‘Annie’s 1st Break.’

Hit or Miss: Hit.

Ratings: 4star/5.

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