Book Review: Any Witch Way You Can by Amanda M Lee

Series: Book 1 in the ‘Wicked Witches of the Midwest’.

“If you’re going to lie, commit to the act and don’t even think about abandoning it.” ~~ Amanda M Lee (Book: Any Witch Way You Can)

‘Any Witch Way You Can’ I downloaded sometime last year I guess. I wanted to read it, all because of the cover. But it got lost somewhere in my Kindle (the usual thing that happens).

Then I was reminded of this book again when one Google friend of mine I might like this.

So not to forget reading it this time around I started reading it right away.

Let’s find out about ‘Any Witch Way You Can by Amanda M Lee’….

Genre: Urban fantasy/Cozy Mystery.

Main Characters: Bay Winchester.

‘Any Witch Way You Can by Amanda M Lee’ ~~ Synopsis:

Bay is a journalist and after graduating she moves to a big city to make a career. When she loses her job, she moves back home, a small, quiet town Hemlock Cove where almost nothing exciting ever happens.

She begins to work at a local newspaper as an editor. The only biggest issue in her life is her family is infamous for being witches.

And it’s true, Bay can see ghost and interact with them. She talks to one of her dead aunts almost daily as the ghost refuses to move out of the newspaper office.

When she’s not busy thinking about the next newspaper edition and what townspeople think about her, she lives in fear of meeting her family, consisting of her mother, her sisters and the scary aunt Tillie.

The environment of the small town gets disturbed when Bay discovers a dead body of a teenage boy in the middle of a corn maze.

All of a sudden there’s a murder to solve. People are wondering who would kill and why. There’s police around along with a new gang that shows up on the day the body’s found.

The town police Chief asks Bay to stay away from one of the gang members and Bay begins to wonder why.

But she does not have too much time to waste thinking about some handsome guy, who could be a murder or a drug dealer as the Chief suggested.

She, along with her cousin sisters needs to solve the murder of the dead teenager, if she does not want two ghosts roaming around her.

But the urgency of the case only sinks in when the killer kills another teenager and Bay finds out that they don’t have much time to stop the killer from coming after them or disappear.


Minus Points:

I found the end anti-climatic. It’s as if everything gets resolved easily. And I think, everyone forgets about the main culprits in the end. Also, they’re ‘blink and miss’ sort.

I found the killers a lot sooner than the characters, which I’m starting to find troubling. They should have been smart given their history.

Anyone into that kind of stuff (not revealing 😉 read the book if you want to know) would probably not just be deviously clever but dangerous.

Also main character Bay does not stand out, which isn’t good. It’s paranormal/fantasy, for that there’s not much magic mayhem going on. And whatever little they do, they are not ready to acknowledge that it’s magic.

Plus Points:

Despite all the things I started to miss while writing the review, it’s a decent story and a good start to a series. I read it over the weekend so could be added to weekend easy to-read list.

It’s a cute & funny story, with humor, some seriousness and murders to solve.

I liked the characters and their humor, so I would read the next book. I loved aunt Tillie’s quirky character the most.

If you don’t like too much violence in your books then you might like ‘Any Witch Way You Can’ a lot better than I did.

“There’s no shame in not being normal. The shame is fighting what you are. You know what you are and what you do. Why do you care what other people think about you?” ~~ Amanda M Lee (Book: Any Witch Way You Can)

Hit Or Miss: Hit.

Ratings: 3stars/5.

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