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Book Review: Batter Up by Robyn Neeley

arimidex cheap rencontres i 2012 Series: Book 1 in the ‘Bachelors of Buttermilk Falls’.

Once upon a time I downloaded ‘Batter Up’ and liked its blurb a lot. I was going to read it, but my Kindle started acting strange.

And I also forget about books I want to read because my Kindle is bursting at seams. 😀

After meeting the book once again, I read it! Here’s the review….

rencontre gratuite 71 Genre: Contemporary Romance.

go Main Characters: Emma Stevens, Jason Levine.

site de rencontre pour nains ‘Batter Up by Robyn Neeley’ ~~ Synopsis:

Every Monday night Emma uses whatever magical prediction skills she has inherited to help one of the bachelors in the town, find his Soulmate. Her predications are famous for being accurate.

She loves helping and at the same time running her bakery shop. Growing up that is not what she wanted to do, but she doesn’t hate what she does.

There are only two troubles in her life for now:

source site 1: The batter doesn’t predict Soul mates for the women, only men.

site de rencontre schizophrene 2: She still believes her ex would come back from the NY and they would live happily ever after. Unlike the town people Emma is not ready to accept that her ex dumped her. agence rencontres toulouse  

The strangest thing happens when her cousin Abby insists on trying her hand at predicting Emma’s Soulmate and a letter other than her ex’s appear.

Jason is taking a break from his job and enjoying some free time with his best friend in Vegas. Though, he’s quickly getting bored and wants to get back to his life of hunting for risky stories.

While in the Las Vegas he and his friend ends up attending a wedding. As per the groom, the wedding is happening because Emma predicted it.

Jason’s investigative reporter brain senses a story and is ready to dig it out. He’s sure this Emma woman is a fraud and has fooled an entire town of innocent people into believing in her predictions.

So he decides to uncover the story after getting the permission from his editor and heads to the Buttermilk Falls to spend some time there. It would be a good mixture of vacation and work.

Emma doesn’t like the appearance of a stranger in her bakery and soon she finds out why.

She manages to throw Jason out of her bakery, but she’s not sure how she would stop the town people from talking about what she does.

He’s a reporter and she’s doubtful he’d stop digging just because she doesn’t want to talk to him. In time he’d surely find someone ready to blabber about her magical batter.

Jason finds enough people praising Emma’s prediction skills. What he really wants is to see the magic happen. But it’s clear that the beautiful baker doesn’t want him anywhere near her bakery or the magical batter.

But the rules change when the Buttermilk Bachelors Summer Fling auction throws Emma & Jason in each other’s path and both struggle to keep their attraction from getting in the way. Review:

The Buttermilk Falls reminded me of a gossipy town in ‘Something to Talk About’.

The story is quirky, in a good way. It’s lightly funny and there’s a bit of magic in the story. I didn’t think in the beginning that Emma’s prediction skills are magical. The good thing is it didn’t make me feel as if the story is too strange.

But it did remind me of the movie ‘Practical Magic’.

‘Batter Up’s’ a storyline is far away from the escapist world of billionaires and I liked that. I liked Emma and Jason’s characters along with the secondary characters whose stories are next in line.

There’s a conflict, but it’s not unnecessarily melodramatic. Melodrama isn’t good all the time anyways. Something a bit relatable and close to reality is good.

And of course, ‘Batter Up’ is also a bit fantastical with a dash of magic too. 😉

The only bad part was – I didn’t find any quotes from the story. 🙁

If you’re looking for a clean romantic read with a bit of magic thrown in then look no further than ‘Batter Up’. Hit or Miss: Hit.

11èmes rencontres du gros Ratings: 4star/5.

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