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Book Review: Beneath Him by Komal Kant

“A scar didn’t always have to be a reminder of something bad. Sometimes a scar was just a memory that you would never be able to recreate.” ~~ Komal Kant (Book: Beneath Him)

I didn’t enjoy reading ‘The Jerk Next Door’. But it was an okay read, which made me think that I could try another one of Ms. Kant’s books.

So here it is the review of ‘Beneath Him’….

Genre: New Adult Romance.

Main Characters: Sky Hudson, Nicholas Ruggarson.

‘Beneath Him by Komal Kant’ ~~ Synopsis:

Sky gets hired as a live-in nanny for a rich family. It’s not the job she wants, but it would have to do for now as she needs the job.

She gets to the mansion and finds another person ready to spoil her mood and the day. For some unknown reason, the employer’s wife has decided to hate Sky without getting to know her.

As if meeting an arrogant jerk in a coffee shop wasn’t enough to make her angry. Sky thinks one family member’s attitude probably wouldn’t matter much as everyone else is with her.

Until she meets the jerk again — Nicholas Ruggarson; as it turns out he lives in the same house and her room is right next to his.

All she wanted after meeting him was to never meet him again. Now even if she wants to avoid him, she cannot avoid him.

Nick tries to forget meeting with Sky, but couldn’t. After all, no one has tried to show him, his place in a long time.

People avoid upsetting him because he’s rich. While his family and friends tiptoes around him after that incident a few years ago.

He’s not expecting to meet the feisty girl in his house. But now that she’s here, it’s strangely comforting and upsetting at the same time.

They still try to avoid each other, but it seems a couple of people in his family have got their own ideas regarding him and Sky.

Its obvious Sky wants to avoid him and maybe he wants to avoid her too. But spending time with her makes him feel normal again.

It becomes clear soon enough that she cannot avoid Nick for most of the time. And it seems he’s not a jerk, when he’s not trying to prove that he is.


For some weird reason, the twist in this story kept giving a signal to my brain that I had watched some Hindi movie with this kind of twist.

‘Beneath Him’ started well enough and kept me interested, but just for a while. Afterwards, I started encountering the same old problem I had with ‘The Jerk Next Door’ – the story becoming tedious after a few chapters.

On the one hand, I liked that the author has not made short chapters out of Sky & Nick’s POVs; like some author do to torture readers I’m sure.

On the other hand, I just didn’t like reading two different POVs in one chapter either. It seems weirdly messy. Then add two annoyingly uninteresting characters and it turns into a story that’s all cliché.

Also, this book should have been named ‘The Jerk Next Door’. This names suits ‘Beneath Him’ better.

Sky’s character is not different than Isla’s character in ‘The Jerk Next Door’. Nick is a typical jerk, which does nothing to make him stand out in the crowd of jerks in the fictional world.

Nick’s mother at the end justifies her rude behavior by saying ‘I knew he acted different around you so I hated you because I didn’t want him to move on’.

I didn’t get her explanation at all because Nick’s mother doesn’t even know about Sky & Nick’s meeting in the beginning. Maybe the author forgot that tit-bit.  

Then there’s a matter of unexplained cause of Celia’s mysterious death. I read those paragraphs a few times and I couldn’t put a name to it.

What a poor explanation given and I’d not believe anyone not asking more questions. Like what actually happened.

Sky asks no questions and takes the incomplete explanation and starts going crazy about ‘Oh my….he kept a secret from me!’ I hate dumb heroines who fail to ask questions.

Then, miraculously she manages to avoid Nick (her room is next to his), for three days in the same house. How is that possible? How huge Nick’s house actually is?

This story, after a few chapters reads like a young-adult. I didn’t sign up for that.

Maybe I shouldn’t complain, after all, it’s New-Adult and adults in that genre aren’t really supposed to behave much better than young-adults.

Also, I think the author mentioned that she wrote this story in high school. So maybe, I shouldn’t complain that it reads like a young-adult novel.

But I’m not even complaining about immature characters, just the boring ones.

“You can’t avoid an issue and hope it will get better over time. You need to confront your demons.” ~~ Komal Kant (Book: Beneath Him)

Hit or Miss: OK.

Ratings: 2star/5.

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