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Book Review: Blood Therapy by Lynda Hilburn

Series: Book 2 in the ‘’Kismet Knight, Ph.D., Vampire Psychologist’.

“When we hurt ourselves, we distract from the real problem but nothing gets any better.” ~~ Lynda Hilburn (Book: Blood Therapy)

Since it took me almost over a year to get to the book two in this series, it’s evident, the reading this book was not a priority.

The Vampire Shrink’ wasn’t a terrible book, I liked it, but I overestimated to what extent.

Since I kept forgetting to read the next books in this series, it’s obvious not to an extent that would force me to read the book 2, immediately. I think that says a lot about any story.

Anyways, let’s find out if ‘Blood Therapy’ is good enough….

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy.

Main Characters: Dr. Kismet Knight.

‘Blood Therapy by Lynda Hilburn’ ~~ Synopsis:

Kismet has officially become Vampire Psychologist, something she never thought about even in her wildest dreams. She’s scared of her new clients and the thought that they would not harm her because of Devereux is of little assurance.

As the more time they are spending together the less she thinks they know each other. Or rather Devereux seems to know something about her that he’s not sharing.

There’s also a matter of her losing control over her mind whenever she’s around him.

She’s not sure if she feels any real attraction towards him or it’s just because of side-effect of being in his presence. He doesn’t take her complaints in that regard seriously, which is another matter of concern for her. 

Devereux insists that he would not try to influence her in any manner. Though, she’s starting to have serious doubts about that.

Kismet’s doubts are confirmed when she meets Devereux ex Anne during a wedding function he took her too.

Anne gives Kismet the gift of control over her mind. For the first time since meeting the 800 year old vampire Kismet begins to question their relationship and why she’s gotten herself entangled so deep in the vampire business.

She needs a break from all the madness to think coherently. But unfortunately, the madness continues to follow her around as the Lucifer is still alive and hunting for her. Or rather the manic is going around killing female physiologists that look almost like Kismet.

In all the chaos going around her, Kismet decides to attend the upcoming conference of physiologists in NY, despite the objections from Devereux and Alan.

Alan decides to attend the conference as well and keep an eye on what’s happening around.

Whether she wants to or not Kismet realizes that she’s getting more and more entangled in the vampire world, some new interesting characters are entering her world. She also finds herself wondering who she’d choose – Alan or Devereux.


After reading only a few chapters I realized what kept me blissfully away from starting this second installment in the Kismet Knight series.

It’s boring! This review took two months in the making. I just didn’t want to waste my time writing it, but I had read the book, so that closed the debate.

Last time I got the impression that it would be romance and lots of paranormal fights in the second book. No such thing. Devereux got a brain transplant in the middle of the story and left Kismet alone. No romance.

It’s not a romance, it’s not horror and it’s not even funny. It certainly doesn’t fall in New-Adult category. Then what it is, it anyways? Maybe the author didn’t want any genre for the series.

We also get terribly boring account of Kismet’s day to day life where absolutely nothing happens. Nothing! Kismet, despite inhabiting a paranormal world, leads a far more boring life than her contemporaries in the Chicklit novels.

The worst part of this nothing is: there’s the manic Lucifer character and then there’s Dracula. Dracula and boring? Despite having so many interesting characters in the story, the ‘Blood Therapy’ is still a one huge bore Fest. It’s not even funny.

I’m getting bored and tired of Kismet’s attitude ‘Oh my! There are vampires around!’ Deal with it Kismet and move on with life without your childish attitude! I hate reading this series from Kismet’s POV. The last two chapters were hyper boring.

I don’t even know what the author was trying to achieve with the story. It’s a mess and not a good kind. (Did I mention it’s BORING? I can’t seem to mention it enough.)

The plot moves at a snail’s pace and could make you sleep. I’m wondering and even dreading the thought of reading the next installment.    

This is what you get when you refuse to delete books when the first one disappoints you. Thankfully, I never bought any of these books. But what about my lost time and life?

What a disappointment!

Hit or Miss: Miss.

Ratings: -1star/5.

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