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Book Review: Booty Camp Dating Service by Debra Anastasia

I no longer remember for how long I have been hiding this book in my Kindle library. I downloaded it and forgot about it.

It’s a proof that you’d forget about reading books from your Kindle Unlimited collection as easily as books in your Kindle library.

So I decided no more new KU downloads until I finish reading the old ones.

Let’s find out what the story of ‘Booty Camp Dating Service’ is like….

Genre: New Adult Romance.

Main Characters: Hazel Lavender, Wolfgang Shakespeare Saber.

‘Booty Camp Dating Service by Debra Anastasia’ ~~ Synopsis:

Hazel is having trouble in her love life. She admits being in love with her ex and soon after that he leaves her for another woman living in the same building.

All of a sudden, Hazel is feeling disillusioned with love and men. To cheer her up, her best friend Claire makes Hazel attend a matchmaking event by a widely successful company – Booty Camp Dating Service.

As per the advertisement, people who get into the program are 110 percent matched with their soul-mate.

Hazel no longer believes in anything like that and is sure it’s nothing but a con. But she gives into Claire’s pressure and buys herself a spot in the program.

The strangest thing happens and Claire finds her match the moment they walk into the company’s new office. Hazel feels happy for her friend and her eyes meet with the guy who makes her heart jump.

The trouble is the guy in question also happens to annoy Hazel until she wants to do silly things. He’s the owner of the Booty Camp, meaning no chance of considering him for dating.  

Wolf has a gift of matching people with their right match with 100 percent success. Just the way his mother and grandmother can do.

There’s only one difference between him and the ladies in his family – he’s not averse to making money from his matchmaking abilities even if his family disagrees with him.

It’s a regular day in his life when he meets Hazel and her presence challenges his theory that as a matchmaker he cannot have a lasting love. His previous attempt at finding love ended in a disaster.

Also, there’s no way he’d set a bad example for his employees to follow by breaking his own rule of not getting involved with a client.

Hazel is a client – confused, hurt and against love for now. Her energy isn’t good enough to invite love. But he’s sure he could find her a good match for life, if only she would cooperate for a while.

Before he’d find a match for Hazel, she begins to demand Wolf returns her money. But he cannot so he offers her a five date deal – she goes on five dates and if she doesn’t find anyone he’d refund her money.

On one hand Wolf wants to help Hazel, yet at the same time he doesn’t want to set her up with anyone. He wants her for himself, but he’s sure he doesn’t deserve to have her in his life.

Hazel is getting confused and angry with Wolf. It’s clear their attraction is mutual, yet he seems determined to make her feel bad about it.

Then there’s her ex who wants to get back together with her and her best friend is planning a wedding to a guy she met just a day ago. Hazel no longer knows what’s happening around her.


This one reminded me of a horrible read ‘Mister Match’. The story idea is almost identical, but they are also quite different.

I even found an almost identical character too – Claire with a difference in spelling. Good thing Claire here isn’t as annoying as Clare in ‘Miss Match’.

Hazel & Wolf’s characters are interesting. But as you continue reading, they lose all their interesting qualities and trade them for annoying ones.  

Up until chapter fifteen, I thought to myself why I didn’t read ‘Booty Camp dating Service’ sooner. After chapter fifteen, the song ‘I want you, but I’m going to run away from you’ got boring.

The blurb makes it sound like a fun read and to some extent it is.

Since the story lost my interest, I started paying attention to mistakes and how the author calls Hazel, Claire a couple of times.

I also started paying attention to the writing style, which uninteresting, awkward in places and not making much sense sometimes.

Everything got cheesy in the end along with boring. I couldn’t wait to finish the story and write that I did finish it.

You may enjoy reading ‘Booty Camp Dating Service’, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you wouldn’t.

Hit or Miss: Hit.

Ratings: 2star/5.

Buy:  Amazon

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