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Book Review: Busy by Tony Crabbe

click here Genre: Non-Fiction/Self-Help “In this world of too much we are simultaneously over-stimulated and bored; enriched and empty; connected yet isolated and alone.” ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy – How to Thrive In a World of Too Much)

I saw this book last year, but thought it’s just another ‘self-help’ book. Also, I was busy. 😀

That wasn’t a joke. I was busy. Now that I think about the work, I feel like not saying much as it’s not important or urgent or was not even productive. It was just a waste of time that I could have invested somewhere else.

I was busy stuffing my head with information that I didn’t even need. There were so many bookmarks to keep up which I mass deleted and will delete most that I have bookmarked at present.

Then I went on a break for a month. I would have called it a waste of time, but it helped me to put things in perspective and I realized that I don’t need most of the “info” shared online.

Now that I’m no longer busy (not much), I grabbed this book too. Not being busy in my case means having more time to read and then writing one more review. 🙂 Let’s see what lesson there are in ‘Busy by Tony Crabbe’: 1: There’s too Much To Do, Where to Start?

There’s this madness around that dictates that one should be omnipresent and do everything.

The email, the social media notifications, comments, etc. all of it wants your time, attention and engagement.

The trouble is we don’t have a lot of time, attention to invest in everything around.

All this also adds to our work that only increases the size of ‘not finished work’ category. That list in turn adds necessary stress in our lives.

We jump from one work to another, trying our best to complete it, yet there’s so much left to do when we finish for the day.

Whenever we cannot finish all the work, we blame ourselves in one manner or another, adding more stress. Others blame us too at times.

But the truth is there is too much work to do and we can’t do everything nor we should try to.

recherche une femme musulmane 2: Don’t Multitask:

Multitasking is bad for our brain as it’s not evolved to multitask. When we multitask, we are not just shortening our attention span, but become less intelligent too.

Every time you jump from one task to another, it makes your brain slow. The side-effects of multitasking may not be apparent in the short-term, but they would catch up with you in the long-term. 

Instead, of juggling a few tasks, find out what’s more important & focus your attention on doing that task first. It will improve your focus and you’d become less stupid as you grow. 😉 3: Busyness is like a Slow Poison for Relationships:

People close to us do understand our desire to get to our dream.

So when you chose your work over them, they might understand. But in the long term, you might find out that they have moved on with their life without you.

We also can’t stay in touch with everyone on the planet via social media.

Instead, we should find out who are the most important people in our lives, online & offline. As per the author, the number of the most important people in our life is usually no more than 15.

Instead of trying to spend time with everyone, find your 15 most important people and cultivate your relationship with them. 4: Being Busy is not a Gold Medal that You Should Strive to Get:

People sound strangely proud and harassed when they tell you they are ‘so busy’. They make it sound like a gold medal they won and you should aspire for it too.  

But wanting to have something just because everyone has it is a stupid reason to have something. Becoming busy is one such stupid thing.  

Being busy is normal these days, most of the time because we as humans conform to what people around us are doing. Most of us don’t want to stand out.

If everyone around you is busy, then you would soon fall into the herd mentality too, and not see that it’s wrong & unhealthy.

Being busy is not good for our creativity, imagination, emotional or for your physical health. You should have some time to unwind and think without getting interrupted by things that don’t matter.

click here “Do what you’re best at and the rest will take care of itself.” ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy – How to Thrive In a World of Too Much)

This also reminds me of a saying ‘karam karo phal ki chinta mat karo’ (means what the quote says above).

The trouble is, most of us cannot just stop worrying about the end result.

Not having to worry about the end result all the time is fun and a less stressful way of doing your work. It does not eliminate the uncertainty, but worrying about the end result and working only to get to the result like a crazy not always ensures success either.

So maybe not worrying about the end result and having fun doing your work is the answer. The trouble is it’s not that easy to put in practice.

With the help of some research, the author argues that those people who are happy are not actively seeking happiness. People who are successful & rich didn’t start with actively seeking success or even wealth.

They did what they wanted to do, what they thought would help people and got everything else as a reward of their dedication to their work.

Doing things just like everyone else will not bring your success, so why not try your own way.

see url “Success in information age will be achieved by those who can differentiate themselves.” ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy – How to Thrive In a World of Too Much)

enter Review:

It was clear after finishing the first chapter that I still need more work on being un-busy.

Even if you are busy 😉 free some time to read this book, you might find something that you’d include in your life to get rid of your habit of staying busy.

If you’re one of those people who stay online to read this or that then you must read this book.

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