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BOOK REVIEW: Can You Keep A Secret? By Sophie Kinsella Genre: Chick-Lit. Buy: opcja binarna definicja Amazon ‘A secret is something you tell one person at a time.’ Anonymous

Also, most of us don’t forget to add…’but don’t tell it to someone else. You’re the only one I’m telling it too!’ Even if you do add that, still gossips would spread your secrets faster than you’d breathe. 😉 At least, that’s how gossip seems.

The title also reminded me of the theme song (‘Secrets by The Pierces’) of a TV show ‘Pretty Little Liars’ I was watching once upon a time ago. 😉

But ‘Can You Keep A Secret? By Sophie Kinsella’ is a romantic comedy. So Maybe the song is not appropriate for it as no one is going around killing people to hide their secrets. But I couldn’t help adding it as I remembered it. 😀

Let’s see how ‘Can You Keep A Secret By Sophie Kinsella’ is all about… Main Characters: Emma Corrigan; Jack Harper.

source link ‘Can You Keep A Secret By Sophie Kinsella’ ~~ Synopsis:

Emma is a marketing assistant and for a change she’s managed to keep this job, for a year. So she begins to wonder, maybe her job hopping days are over! 

Emma’s expecting a promotion as it’s mentioned in the advertisement. When her senior sends her to Scotland to secure a deal that’s already done, Emma thinks promotion is all hers. 

But the client changes their decision and the deal falls apart at the last moment. Leaving Emma worried about her job.

Emma begins to wonder if she’d lose her job, while sitting in the airport lounge. By chance an air-hostess offers to upgrade Emma’s ticket after overhearing her woes. And Emma finds herself in the business class.

But in Emma’s life things rarely moves or stays normal for long. As soon as the plane takes off, it hit turbulence. Emma gets so scared that in her nervousness she ends up sharing her secrets, big and small ones, with a the man sitting next to her.

The flight lands safely in London and Emma feels embarrassed to have shared almost all her secrets. Hey…it’s not like the stranger knows her or they are going to meet again. That means he won’t tell anyone. So there’s no need to worry or waste time feeling embarrassed! Emma thinks.

But, when the stranger shows up at Emma’s workplace, she’s not sure what to expect.

Meet….Jack Harper, the founder and the CEO, of Panther Cola (funny name) company that Emma works for. Emma’s aghast to find out that the man, who knows all her secrets, is her boss.

She tries hilarious ways to avoid meeting him, but Jack shows up almost everywhere Emma tries to hide in the office.

Soon Emma realizes that Jack has no intention of betraying her secrets, but he seems determined to push her to make few things right in her life.

Till Jack creates a mess that leaves, Emma, wondering if she’s the only one falling in love. And then the question arises if she can forgive Jack and continue their relationship.

here My Views: Minus Points:

OK, I liked Jack’s character…in the beginning to some extent. I complained about not ‘getting more romance’ in the ‘Twenties Girl’ and ‘Wedding Night’ but this one seems to have it.

Also, it’s Chick-Lit, the genre isn’t all about romance, I have finally understood. Now that I have found a book where there’s more romance, I’m complaining. Ironic! 😀

Anyway, in my defense, ‘getting carried away by feelings’ is not a good enough reason to betray someone’s trust, someone you care about. That’s what Jack does in ‘Can You Keep A Secret’. That I didn’t like at all. 🙁 Lessons From ‘Can You Keep A Secret? By Sophie Kinsella’: 1. Be honest with people around you. That doesn’t mean you have to hurt someone’s feelings, but not speaking up all the time is not good for anyone involved in the long run.

big 4 accounting dating 2. Take a stand for yourself. For example: Emma’s cousin keeps stealing her life, her ideas and time with her parents.

Emma resents her cousin’s and her parents’ behavior. Instead, of talking to her parents and telling her cousin to stop bullying her, Emma suffers in silence. Don’t tolerate someone’s rude or bullying behavior towards you.

rencontre en ligne pour jeune 3. Be careful who you share your secrets with. If you face trouble keeping them to yourself, write down the quote from the top and keep it close.

Whenever you, feel the urge to tell all or some of your secrets or someone else, read the quote to yourself. Hopefully, the urge will go away.

4. The end makes me wonder if this quote is true:

600 mg dramamine “Happiness is good health and a bad memory.” ~~ Ingrid Bergman

I still enjoyed ‘Can You Keep A Secret’ so maybe you’d too, if you love Chick lit and haven’t read this Sophie Kinsella novel. Try it…it’s like others I have read is hilarious!

I have yet to read all Sophie Kinsella books, but it seems like hilarious is the only word that defines them the best.

metoclopramide 25mg high Hit Or Miss: Hit.

benicar hct purchase Ratings: 3.5 stars/5.

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