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Book Review: Catch a Falling Star by Geralyn Corcillo

Series: Book 3 in the ‘In Love in the Limelight’

“Going through your life single when you haven’t found someone you want to be with is not a bad thing. Forcing it when the lightning hasn’t struck – that’s sad.” ~~ Geralyn Corcillo (Book: Catch a Falling Star)

I don’t know what I’m expecting from this story, considering what a huge disappointment ‘Queen of the Universe’ was to read. Maybe a bit of funny scenes like ‘Miss Adventure’?

Anyways, let’s see how this one does….

Genre: Romantic Comedy.

Main Characters: Wendy Hunter; Collin Scott.

‘Catch a Falling Star by Geralyn Corcillo’ ~~ Synopsis:

Collin knows everyone around him loves the spoilt T.V. star Wendy for some reason he could not fathom.

He also doesn’t understand why she spends so much time around his sister’s family. He doesn’t like it, nor does he like the idea of spending his time around the diva, certainly not after their fling gone wrong.

But what could Collin do other than tolerate Wendy’s presence for his sister’s sake, so he does and make some sort of peace.

Wendy is wary of getting close to anyone after her ex released her nude pictures for the world to see when she never expected anything like that. From then on she stays on her guard and avoids entanglements with men.

But when tabloids finds out something that could do harm to Lola’s family and happiness, Wendy redirects their attention back to her life’s drama.

This time to keep the tabloids guessing and chasing her she tells them she’s engaged to Lola’s younger brother Collin and the media and social media madness begins.

Now the only thing left to do is to inform Collin about the huge life change that would hit him and why he should go along with her lies.

Collin is a highschool football coach and more interested in helping kids who need help with sorting their lives than get involved in a spoilt diva’s drama. He’s had no intention of getting involved with the selfish and manipulative diva.

So it comes as a surprise that the news of his upcoming marriage to the diva is trending on social media, something he doesn’t even use.

He couldn’t believe it that she pulled him into her web of lies for attention. The news could ruin all the work he’s trying to do or rather the lie that he’s involved with the star that courts scandal for a living.

He doesn’t want to play along, but does when he finds out Wendy’s reasons. But just because he’s agreed to the farce doesn’t mean he would play by Wendy’s rules.

If she wants to continue then she’d have to spend three weeks with him in his hometown, pretending to be in love with him.


Awful! But the word is not enough to describe how truly awful ‘Catch a Falling Star’ and ‘Queen of the Universe’ in reality is.

I disliked Wendy even in the ‘Queen of the Universe’ so I don’t know why I thought I’d like such an unhinged character. The only good thing is ‘Catch a Falling Star’ is more about characters you don’t know than about Wendy & Collin’s love story.

If you ask me they don’t have a story. First, they have nothing in common to have a relationship that would go beyond their fling. Then Wendy is an actress and a selfish manipulator without any worthwhile agenda makes the plot a sorry mess.

Wendy’s character goes around saying ‘I need to do this or that publicity because people are depending on me’. I was like ‘what people do really care about exactly other than yourself?’

There’s no depth to any of the characters. The main characters’ story is no more than a novella, if even that, if all the nonsense secondary characters’ POVs are deleted.

There’s also Jack and Lisa’s POVs in the end to drag the story and it again adds nothing but more nonsense to the plot that’s already too boring to begin with. I don’t even know why they are in this nonsense at all and why there’s Jack’s POV when the author didn’t bother with it in the ‘Miss Adventure’. It would have been nice to hear from Jack in his story not in someone else’s story.

I think even the author realized that readers would get lost or forget the main characters after reading so much nonsense, so you’d get a reminder with the headline ‘THE STORY OF WENDY AND COLLIN’.

No surprise that it’s written in all caps as I probably would have missed their sorry story too, that’s overtaken by so much nonsense. 

That reminds me who thinks about other peoples’ lives like they have nothing else to think as the secondary characters in Ms. Geralyn Corcillo’s books do. It’s like these characters have nothing better to do but waste their time overanalyzing other people’s lives.

Some people do, I admit. But everyone? That’s what the author’s secondary characters do to annoy. They add nothing to the story, not even some sort of comic relief. Nope, just verbal diarrhea, something readers could do without. 

You could skip all the chapters with secondary character POVs and still not miss a thing about this BORING story.

Don’t believe me? Here’s an example of chapter 7:

“CHARLOTTE: oh, my, Colin, Colin, Colin, Colin.”

If you’re wanting more then let me tell you that’s all because that’s all there’s to the chapter seven and I don’t even know who this idiotic character is.

I have been wondering and you could too, what you would miss or not if you skipped this chapter or many others like it, not that short in length, but offering nothing to you or adding anything to the story.

I found the author’s writing style quite annoying in ‘Miss Adventure’ but the story is funny and there’s no pedestrian character POVs so didn’t have much trouble overlooking my dislikes.

Not the case with ‘Catch a Falling Star’ which I found worse than ‘Queen of the Universe’ if that’s even possible because the ‘Queen of the Universe’ is terrible.

Lastly, even the blurb is misleading. Wendy doesn’t have any secrets and there’s no need to throw Collin under the bus as the saying goes.

‘Catch a Falling Star’ is not a romantic comedy and it’s certainly not a Chick-lit. If gibberish was a category then it’d fall comfortably in it.

 Hit or Miss: Read at Your Own Risk.

Ratings: -1star/5.

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