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Book Review: Changing Lanes by Katie Graykowski

Series: Book 3 in ‘The Lone Stars’.

 “When you take money from someone, there are always strings – the kind that choke you like a noose.” ~~ Katie Graykowski (Book: Changing Lanes)

When you can’t decide from the books you’ve on your Kindle, the books you purchased but have no idea when you’d read or the ones you got from the library….

Then the safe thing to do is: to download a book via Kindle Unlimited, preferably from one of the authors you know. So that’s what I did. 😀

Let’s find out more about ‘Changing Lanes by Katie Graykowski’….

Genre: Contemporary-Sports Romance.

Main Characters: Laney Nixon, Devon Harding.

‘Changing Lanes by Katie Graykowski’ ~~ Synopsis:

Devon is almost ready to leave professional football and start his own restaurant soon. He would also love to get married. But not just to anyone.

He fell in love with a girl at seventeen at a summer camp. Ever since Devon’s waiting for the universe to conspire in his favor and make them meet again.

He also wants her to remember him and be in love with him as he still is. So far he has not met her, but he’s not lost hope.

Laney’s life is predictable as a doctor, she goes to hospital, saves lives when possible and repeats the routine. She is aware that unlike her friends she has not done a single regrettable thing in her life. And she wants to change it all. She is aiming to become a little reckless.

But recklessness would have to wait till she, along with her friends, is done giving a talk on teamwork to the football team.

Devon recognizes Laney the moment he sees her. To his disappointment, she does not remember him. He wonders if he should mention it, but decides against it.

Devon wants Laney to remember him on her own. He’s sure she will remember him if they spent some time together. So he asks her out on a date. Laney says yes, thinking it’s probably falls in reckless category to go on a date with a football star.   

Their date does not go as plan and Devon is sure Laney would not give him another chance. After all, it’s not his idea. It’s the worst date, but the worst part was Laney still didn’t remember ever meeting him.

He begins to wonder, if he’s the only one who fell in love and stayed in love. Devon also begins to wonder, why Laney is a doctor instead of an artist. Isn’t that what she wanted to become?

Their first date may not have turned out as expected, but Laney enjoyed spending time with Devon. He’s not just charming, but someone she’d talk to and he does not seem to mind her questioning nature and habit of telling statistics.

Also, Devon seems familiar somehow, but Laney can’t remember if she’s met him before. They belong to two different worlds. And she would remember meeting a famous football star, wouldn’t she?

But Laney is so busy most of the time that she barely has time to think about stuff that’s not life or death important.

Devon isn’t someone who gives up easily, at least, not after one disastrous date.

If Laney’s not opposed to meeting him again, he is happy to continue his quest to try to make her remember their time at the camp.

He’s sure more time they’d spend together, she’d remember. But his mother disagrees with his over optimistic twisted idea.

Nothing can be done now, Devon only hopes when Laney does remember him she would not get too mad at him. Until she remembers Devon makes it his mission to make Laney’s life a little easier and happier.

Laney likes Devon and loves to spend time with him. But the way he’s behaving, she’s sure he wants something, something like emotional commitment, which she’s may not be able to give.

And what’s with the grand gestures and expensive gifts? Does he not like her the way she is?

While Laney & Devon are trying to figure each other out, Devon & his mother makes a little girl Lara’s dream of have a family come true.


Just like ‘Perfect Summer’, ‘Changing Lanes’ is a sweet romance. I like Ms. Graykowski’s heroes. They are nice (almost too nice & romantic). It’s not just Laney and Devon I liked, I liked all the characters.

Some characters are from previous books and some I’m guessing will pop-up in the next books, but this story is a standalone read.

Devon’s mother is hilarious. But I do think the characters are all too good and too sweet. 😉 Something I didn’t mind while reading ‘Perfect Summer’.

But the more books you read by one author the more you pay attention to the similarities. Something you may think is good or not so good, depending on your mood while reading.

I think I have guessed correctly the father of January’s baby, but I’m still wondering, why it’s not mentioned by the end.

I’m guessing it’d revealed in one of the next books? This one point made the end chapters a bit confusing, as I kept wondering about this little mystery.

For some reason, I kept feeling as if there’s something missing. I don’t know what.

‘Changing Lanes’ is an amazing story with romance, fun plus heartbreaking moments.

“Feel free to analyze things, but you do need to give equal time to living in the moment.” ~~ Katie Graykowski (Book: Changing Lanes)

Hit or Miss: Hit!

Ratings: 3stars/5.

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