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BOOK REVIEW: Desperate in Dubai by Ameera Al Hakawati

Genre: Chick-Lit

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After reading Desperate in Dubai by Ameera Al Hakawati, at least one thing is clear: women are women all over the world.

Irrespective of culture, region, tradition or religion.

They want to live life as per their own wishes and not as per the rules formed by the society or someone else.

Main Characters: Nadia, Leila, Lady Luxe, Sugar.

‘Desperate in Dubai by Ameera Al Hakawati’ ~~ Synopsis: 

Before turning into a full-fledge novel, the author used to share this story on her blog.

This detail I found out only after reading this book. The novel is about the lives of four women, living in Dubai, with one desire in common—to find love and living life on their terms.

First character: Lady Luxe (occasionally Jennifer for escapades), an Emirati heiress, who loves living her life on her terms.
Despite being aware of the fatal consequences she’d suffer if her secret comes out.

Lady Luxe’s a wild and doesn’t believe in following strict rules of her father’s religion, who was once married to her English mother. She’s spoilt, rich, intelligent, independent and an entrepreneur in search of freedom and true love.

Then there’s her friend Leila Saade, a Lebanese woman. Leila leaves her conservative parents and homeland to have it all i.e. a rich, loving husband and successful career if possible.

But after landing in Dubai, she spends most of her energy on her search of a rich husband before she’s too “old” to get married. (Seems like some tortures are universal.)

Leila dates all kinds of rich guys, old and ugly, but with no luck. Her attempts to secure a husband intensify after finding out about her younger sister’s impending marriage.

The third character is: Sugar, who has moved to Dubai and works as an English tutor. She’s from India. But Sugar’s parents had moved to London a long time ago.

Sugar wants to forget her painful past and her first love and wants to build a new life.

The fourth one, who’s actions change everyone’s life in the end, is Nadia Ziani. Nadia moves to Dubai, leaving behind her blossoming career in London, to support her unemployed husband.

Instead of finding new opportunities of employment in Dubai, Nadia’s husband finds enough opportunities to cheat on her but gets caught.
Nadia after sulking for a while, vows to take revenge on her husband and his new flame. And that’s when the lives of these four ladies crashing around them.

It’s a story of these four characters, trying to live life on their own terms as best as they can in a conservative society.

And how these four women navigate the big bad city of Dubai, where finding happily-ever-after seems like a far-fetched dream.
Anyways, after some upheaval, in the end each one got a little piece of what they wanted or deserved.

Could have enjoyed the story even more if the plot was more secular in nature. That is if the author would have refrained from raining “God” or “what’s sin or not” anywhere and everywhere.

This book made me wonder if women ever would be able to realize that wanting or living life as per one’s wishes is neither a crime nor a sin.
If there’s a God, he surely has better things to do than disapprove of people living their lives, especially women.

A good read almost like an addiction from the start to finish. Hopefully, you too would enjoy reading Desperate in Dubai, whenever you shall get the chance to read it.

The Verdict:

All in all an interesting tale of love lost and found, friendship, backstabbing, revenge, longing, lust, forbidden desires and revenge.

Happy Reading!

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