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BOOK REVIEW: Discover Your Destiny With The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari By Robin Sharma


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In the introduction, the author has asked you to share the knowledge you’ll gain from the book with people around you within 24 hours after finishing the book.

(Or was it 48 hours?) Now I don’t remember as I have returned the book back to the library.

And I’m not spreading the knowledge/wisdom around within the time frame. After a while you just got to learn to go with the schedule.

Anyways, I think it doesn’t apply in my case, considering I have a book review blog (Yeah!). And I’m committed to sharing my views on every book I read.

Now let’s begin…. ‘Discover Your Destiny With The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari By Robin Sharma’ ~~ Synopsis:

The story starts on a promising note and the opening scene will grab your attention at once. Loved reading the inspiring introduction by the author.

The story opens with a dramatic scene; a rich & successful hotel entrepreneur, Dar Sandersen, is all set to take his life. Why? Despite having it all that the world seems to consider worthy & valuable, Dar’s not happy. He’s successful professionally, but his personal life is falling apart.

However, something stops him from taking his life and the moment passes.

Dar meets Julian Mantle, a monk, when one of his colleagues pushes him to attend a motivational seminar. Dar attends the seminar halfhearted, but it changes his life.

Julian enters Dar’s life and informs Dar about the reasons why Dar’s life is spiraling out of control.

source Here are some of inspiring lessons shared from the book:

funny male dating profile examples 1. Julian debunks the myth that people, who give motivational speeches or write self-help books, are superior or enlightened beings. 

They may or may not be. The fact remains that they are human beings like the rest of us. That means they go through their share of difficulties in life.

Unless you decide to abandon the world, it’s not possible to live a trouble free life. If you won’t create or actively seek trouble then someone else will create it for you.

see 2. Second, your destiny is pre-scripted (I don’t subscribe to the idea even one percent for now). But that doesn’t mean you have no control over how your life turns out.

You are free to shape your life as per your wishes if you are willing to work towards what you want. This one’s a pretty confusing philosophy and some might not agree.

3. The best knowledge from the book: There’s nothing wrong with wanting to have or having money. If you’re living in this world and don’t want to abandon it, then let’s accept the fact that it’s better to have money than not have it.

The trouble only begins (for most of us) when you forget that money is essential, but it’s not the most important thing in life. You should not allow it to control or corrupt you.

enter 4. Learn to connect and listen to your inner self and find out what it wants you to do in order to live a fulfilling life. If your Soul is not happy, chances are high you won’t live a happy life either.

Something like this Paulo Coelho talks about in his books too. 5. Knowing and wishing what you want isn’t enough. You need to get started. You also need a plan to get to your destination/goal.But create a flexible plan so you can make changes as per the situation and won’t lose any amazing opportunities.

go to link 6. Most important, always stay true to yourself. Stop pretending to be someone else just to maintain peace. Get to know your “beliefs, values and dreams” and don’t go around following other people’s rules.

citas online sre 7. Take full responsibility of all your past and present actions.

source link 8. The Best Tip: Maintain a journal and write down your life story as in what you want your future to be like.

“To refuse to accept the call of your best life is to insult the force that created you.” ~~ Robin Sharma

It’s a self-help book, so I can’t really finish it without running into some or other trouble with all that it’s preaching.

indinavir 800mg reviews Here’s What’s Not Sizzling?

Quite a few times I found the message of the book preachy to an extent that it’s annoying.

Some of the messages are confusing like to do this, but don’t do this.

The back story isn’t necessary as it adds value only in the beginning. Afterwards, it loses the spark.

aspirin 80 mg daily Long story short is:

voltaren price walmart usa “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” ~~ Pablo Picasso

Outcome: A good and inspiring read!

There are quite a few amazing and inspiring lessons shared in ‘Discover Your Destiny by Robin Sharma.’

Also, as the author said: “Learning what others think will help you to figure out what you really think. But don’t make the mistake of believing that the truth of another person is necessarily your own truth.” (Robin Sharma)

Take what speaks to you and leave out the rest!

Happy Reading!

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