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Book Review: Diving In by Gretchen Galway

Series: Book 2 in the ‘Resort to Love’.

“Being away from home can do that to you. You forget who you are, do things you’d never do otherwise.” ~~ Gretchen Galway (Book: Diving In)

Maybe I should have stopped reading Ms. Gretchen Galway books as I’m not having much fun reading them.

But I suspected that I may not read this one for a long time, if I stopped.

So here’s the review of ‘Diving In’…

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy.

Main Characters: Nicki Fitch. Ansel Jury-Jarski.

‘Diving In by Gretchen Galway’ ~~ Synopsis:

For a long time Nicki weaved dreams of marrying her friend Miles. Because of two main similarities:

1: They don’t have much luck in dating and finding the one person to spend their life with.

2: Miles is tall and Nicki is taller than an average woman, based on height it’s a good match.

Needless to add to her list, they get along and are good friends. Their relationship goals, for what a healthy relationship should look like, matches.

Just like him she’s a teacher. It makes sense that they get together.

But Miles never made a move on her, no matter how much time they spent dissecting their failed relationships. Nor Nicki ever found courage to admit her feelings to him.

She may not have shared her feeling with Miles, but her blog post fans do know about her crush.

She writes a weekly column on her friend’s popular blog, anonymously, where she shares about Miles and her fight with her many phobias.

But one day she visits her friend’s place and sees Miles with someone else. Someone he announces he’s going to marry soon. Nicki’s not sure what’s happening other than that her heart is breaking.

She needs to move away for a while to sort out her feelings. She wins a stay at her friend’s place in Hawaii. Nicki jumps on the offer and lands in Hawaii to come face to face with another problem – Ansel.

Nicki met Ansel in college and is still hurting from his rejection. She couldn’t believe her bad luck. To make her hurt feelings hurt even more, she finds he doesn’t even recognize her.

At thirty, all Ansel loves doing is helping his friends fund their business ideas without expecting or taking anything in return.

He’s happy with his life. After all, what’s there to worry about, he is rich thanks to his family. An attitude, his father, doesn’t like or approve.

So Ansel’s father informs Ansel that he’s on his own, until he learns to make money.

Since Ansel has only a few days till he can get money out of his account, he decides to stay at his sister’s place in Hawaii. He ropes in his friend to keep him on track with business, so to prove to his father that he could earn money if he wants to.

But first he needs to get his mind in the business game and not distracted with helping people.

Another distraction is his sister’s beautiful friend and house guest — Nicki. The moment he sees her, he likes her.

But for some reason she doesn’t seem to like him much and looked almost hurt when they first meet. He doesn’t know why, but he’s determined to woo her.

Nicki doesn’t want to spend her holiday, around Ansel, remembering past humiliation.

But she doesn’t want to go back either. She has a holiday to spend and phobias to conquer. She’s sure they could co-exist for a short while.


After finding out that Nicki had a crush on her best friend Miles from ‘The Supermodel’s Best Friend’ & they used to discuss their relationship woes.

I wanted to close the book and move on to another one. The reason was simple: Nicki existence is mentioned nowhere in ‘The Supermodel’s Best Friend’, is not even a hint of her presence present.

So getting connected to her and her heart-break was difficult. It seemed like an attempt to continue the series at any cost possible.

The second reason I didn’t want to read ‘Diving In’: I didn’t enjoy reading ‘The Supermodel’s Best Friend’ much.

I appreciate the author’s work and her efforts to create a different kind of characters and write their story. I’m just not getting along with them like I did when I read ‘Love Handles’.

All of a sudden, most of these characters are okay, not interesting enough to remember or even rant about.

It’s difficult to like or even relate to Nicki. I’m blaming that on her Miles obsession. I just didn’t get it. Maybe I would have if she’d showed up in his love story in the first book.

I certainly didn’t find Betty’s character funny, which I remembered this time because of her extended role & the author’s mention of her as if she’s the star attraction. Annoying element is more like it.

Then there’s Ansel’s character, too much of a nice guy (naïve, stupid even), but still boring.

Then there’s this issue of Ansel’s sister setting them up. As per Ansel his sister doesn’t know he’s staying at her place and Nicki doesn’t tell.

So the question arises, how did his sister know Ansel will be in Hawaii the exact same time Nicki would arrive?

The trouble with too much niceness in fiction is, it’s boring and probably the one thing romance readers are not looking for.

The plot is good, has potential, yet at times, its pace is slow in quite a few scenes.

Anyway, if you like sweet romance revolving around saner and nice characters, then you should pick one of Ms. Gretchen Galway’s books.

Hit or Miss: OK.

Ratings: 2stars/5.

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