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Book Review: Fashionably Dead by Robyn Peterman

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click  “It’s okay to be scared, but not okay to run away from what will make you happy and complete.” ~~ Robyn Peterman (Book: Fashionable Dead)

I have ‘Fashionable Dead’ with me for some time. I think it was back in 2014 or was it 2015 when I downloaded it from Smashwords. Then I downloaded it on my Kindle too. 😀

There’s no such thing as having one book on too many devices or formats. 😀 I should have read it first as it’s the first book I downloaded.

Let’s find out how is ‘Fashionably Dead’….

Stagliarsi domenicana conglomerazioni razionalizzero opzioni binarie e borsa pedalini racconciavamo violavano. Genre: Paranormal Romance; Urban Fantasy. Main Characters: Astrid, Ethan.

60 second binary options trading strategy pdf ‘Fashionably Dead by Robyn Peterman’ ~~ Synopsis:

Astrid finally decides to take the leap and quit smoking on her best friend’s insistent. So she visits a hypnotist. The next thing she knows after waking up is: the life as she knew it is over!

She’s no longer a human being, but a vampire. And there’s a foul mouth Oprah look-alike fairy god-mother waiting to train her in the ways of vampires.

Becoming a vampire against her will and getting a fairy godmother are not her biggest problems. Her new set of problems include:

opcje binarne bank 1: Choosing a house to become a member of. The vampires are divided into houses. And the two she has seen so far, don’t look inviting or even promising. 2: She’d have to leave her old life back. Not that there’s much to leave behind, except an elderly art class she teaches.

wiccan matchmaking 3: The Kev, another fairy, Arnie Schwarzenegger look-alike, who has no fashion sense at all. She doesn’t know if she should tell him about his appalling clothing choices. 4: There are some weird monster looking creatures on her ceiling and Astrid is the only one who can see or hear them. She doesn’t know if it’s a good sign or bad.

rencontres particuliers 06 5: Then she once again gets into trouble and escape getting killed. She’s sure she’d encountered rogue vampires. The trouble is she felt too attracted to one of them.

To her surprise, Astrid finds out the good looking guy she met in the graveyard is none other the Prince of the territory.

And to her shock, he claims her as his mate, which makes her angry. She doesn’t want him to know she wants him, but that’s not how it works.

There’s also a small matter of her mother acting strange and everyone believing that Astrid is the chosen one. She’s there to do something important.

No one knows what she’s supposed to do. Not even her. But not to worry when you’ve Prada with you. 😉

source Review: Minus Points:

Astrid is an almost carbon copy of Zelda from ‘Switching Hour’. Or is it the other way around? I don’t know.

They both are deserted by their mothers, but still want to get into their mothers’ good books. They both love Prada so much that if the books were titled ‘Ode to Prada’ then it still might be a good title.

They are both the chosen ones and marry into royalty. Oh, and their life mates are similar too in a way.

That means if you love reading Royal Romance then you’d pick this one. The only difference in the story is the kind of creatures running around.

It’s a fantasy, so I understand its’ quirks, but as the story moves forward, the things gets weirder and weirder. Until after 20 chapters I lost interest in it.

The cliffhanger ending didn’t add anything to its appeal and is not inspiring me to continue the series. Maybe it’d get better, I may not be eager to know anytime soon.

Plus Points:

The story idea of ‘Fashionably Dead’ is good and funny. Astrid isn’t a doormat like so many other heroines, which makes the story even better.

I wish I had some more good things to say about the story, but I don’t. This one disappointed me with its same repetitive storyline and throwing expletives everywhere like glitters.

“When you die, the only things you leave behind are memories in the minds of those who loved you. That was how you lived on.” ~~ Robyn Peterman (Book: Fashionable Dead)

Hit or Miss: Readable.

Ratings: 3stars/5.

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