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Book Review: Get Bunny Love by Kathleen Long

Book Review: Get Bunny Love by Kathleen Long

I have wanted to read this one for a while, but my Kindle crashed so I forgot about it this time. Then I thought about downloading a few Chick-Lit novels for fun, which it isn’t. But that’s not the point.

Let’s find out more about ‘Get Bunny Love’….

Genre: Romantic Comedy.

Main Characters: Beatrice ‘Bunny’ Love, Nathan McNulty.

‘Get Bunny Love by Kathleen Long’ ~~ Synopsis:

Bunny is a freelance graphic designer and loves the comfort of working from home in comfortable clothes and her bunny slippers. Life as she knew it was good for her.

But her comfortable heaven is disturbed when she finds out that her apartment building is turning into condos and she needs more money if she wants to stay exactly where she is. To have more money, it’s inevitable that she gets a secure steady full-time job.

The idea of 9 to 5 jobs scares Bunny, but she doesn’t have many options. So she applies for a job and gets an interview call from the McNulty Events.

Bunny knows that she’s not made to work from an office. When she gets to the McNulty Events office her fear increases as everything around is either in order or in gray color.

She’s sure all the order and grayness of the office is already stifling her creative energy. She’s not even sure how people work there and stay creative. That surely is none of her business as she’s not yet appointed.  

But when she’s hired as an event planner, Bunny wonders if she could introduce some creative changes to at least her office space to keep her creative energy alive.

Nathan is trying his best to save the event planning firm that his father and his uncle started. He wants to keep the family business in the family. But the biggest obstacle to his plan is his aunt who is hell bent on making it difficult for Nathan to run the firm without trouble.

His aunt wants him to marry the prim and proper woman he’s dating, sell the event planning company and join his girlfriend’s father’s insurance company. According to her, insurance is a much safer business option.

Nathan doesn’t want to get into the insurance or debate about the company’s future with his aunt. All he wants to do is save the company and have it under his full control so his aunt couldn’t threaten to shut it down anymore.

So when his aunt throws a challenge to successfully organize a famous dog show, Nathan jumps on the offer, despite not wanting to handle the event at all. But the success of the dog show would decide his company’s fate.

He also needs an event planner and fast. There’s no time to search for a proper event planner so he hires Bunny, even when she tells him point blank that she’s not an event planner and knows nothing about it.

But Nathan assures her it would be fine as he’d mentor her on the job. From where he’s looking she seems like someone who would learn fast. Now if only he’d stop feeling too hot whenever she’s around.

Bunny couldn’t believe her luck. She doesn’t like the idea of spending time in Nathan’s orderly and gray office, but she needs the money. And how difficult could it be to organize an event for dogs?

Maybe she’d organize his office a little too, as per Feng Shui to create the greater flow of creative energy in the office. Bunny also wants to help Nathan loosen up a little. After all, he helped her save her home by hiring her.

Soon Nathan finds out that he’s signed up for a more trouble than he’d ever gotten into in his entire orderly life.

Bunny’s presence is not only threatening to unravel his professional life with the introduction of her disruptive ideas. But his unexpected attraction to her is making him question why he’s settling for a woman he doesn’t love.

Does he really want so much order in his life?


Bunny’s character is quite funny with her feng shui idea and meddling nature. She’s one of those people who love to meddle in other people’s lives, but when someone else does the same they don’t like it.

The secondary characters are pretty fun as well, especially Nathan’s friend-cum-partner Bert. The one thing that disrupted the flow of reading for me was a sudden change of Nathan’s name to Nate.

I get it, it’s his nickname, but when the author suddenly begins to mention him as Nate, it simply made him seem like a different character. Not someone who’s formal, which Nathan’s character is, but someone more open and easy going.

‘Get Bunny Love’ promises a fun reading session and it is — a good weekend book to keep you entertained.

Hit or Miss: Hit.

Ratings: 3star/5.

Buy: Amazon

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