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Book Review: Girl from Jussara by Hettie Ivers

Series: Book 0.5 in the ‘Werelock Evolution’

Now I don’t remember what got me started on this series. Maybe I found out it’s a novella and thought, let’s finish another book.

Not that I take part in reading challenges, but I do write down the number of books read every year.

Let’s find out if reading this novella was worth it…

Genre: Paranormal Romance.

Main Characters: Lupe, Alcaeus, Kai.

‘Girl from Jussara by Hettie Ivers’ ~~ Synopsis:

Lupe is on the run from the painful, violent memories of her past and people who might come for her and her unborn child.

She’s running away from a powerful wereshifter who she killed, but she’s not sure if he’s dead.

The man who claimed to be her Soulmate and then went ahead and then killed her parents. She never dreamed or wanted a life with a crazy paranormal creature. 

Even if he’s dead, Lupe fears retaliation from his clan members, who would find out his fate soon enough, and would want to find her. They might not kill her instantly as she’s carrying his child.

She doesn’t want to fall into their hands. Nor she wants her child to grow amongst them. So she decides to take refuse with another powerful werelock clan – Reinoso pack.

Lupe lies that she’s pregnant with their alphas child and demands they let her in their property to see their doctor.

She’s planning to stay only for a while with the clan as they’re sworn enemy of the monster who destroyed her life. She doesn’t trust their kind at all and everyone in Reinoso clan is on her suspect list.

Alcaeus, the acting alpha of the clan and the elder brother, is suspicious of Lupe’s claims.

As Alcaeus and everyone else is aware of his brothers intense dislike of humans. Since his brother is also a ladies’ man, Alcaeus decides to meet Lupe and find out if the human girl is lying for some reason.

When it’s confirmed that she’s not lying, Alcaeus decides to allow Lupe to stay with their clan. Until his wayward brother and clan alpha returns, there’s no way to confirm Lupe’s claim.

But for some reason the girl is scared of him and his kind. Even after he assures her that she and her unborn child are safe with them.

Alcaeus finds himself feeling drawn towards the sad human girl. He doesn’t like it, unlike his brother; Alcaeus doesn’t have any strong like/dislike of humans. So he tries to make Lupe’s life easier any way he can, while subtly trying his best to seduce her.

Lupe maintains her distance from Alcaeus and everyone around her. There’s only one person who she feels drawn towards Kai – the doctor. It seems Kai understands her on a level, Alcaeus never would.

No matter how flattered she feels, she cannot give in to Alcaeus attentions. It would not be fair to him. Then there’s also a matter of her lying.

She’s not sure how safe, she’d be with Reinoso clan, even Alcaeus, when their alpha would come back and challenge her claim.

What would they do when they find out that her child is their enemy’s blood? As far as her experience goes, these supernatural creatures cannot be trusted.


After finishing reading it, I’m wondering why it’s not a full-fledged novel. If the novella’s this good, then I’d surely enjoy the full-fledged novels.

And it’s been such a long time since I read a paranormal romance. The truth is I read so few of them that I sort of feel I haven’t read many and I haven’t, which I’m going to remedy soon.

I’m not sure if I was to read this first or the first book in the series. But since its 0.5 I went with ‘Girl from Jussara’.

The story left me wanting to read more about the characters. ‘Girl from Jussara’ gives an impression that Ms. Hettie Ivers has created an intriguing world of shifters.

I will report back after reading the other books. 😉

Hit or Miss: Hit.

Ratings: 3star/5.

Buy:  Amazon 

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