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Book Review: Harvard Hottie by Annabelle Costa

I found my way back to ‘Harvard Hottie’. This book falls in the category named: one of those books I wanted to read promptly, but forgot because my Kindle is bloated.

I pity my Kindle, sometimes, because it’s me as its owner, but only sometimes and not enough.

Anyways, let’s get to the review of the ‘Harvard Hottie’….

Genre: Chick-Lit Romance.

Main Characters: Ellie Jenson, Luke Thayer.

‘Harvard Hottie by Annabelle Costa: ~~ Synopsis:

Ellie first met Luke when studying in Harvard. She’s famous for her brains and he’s famous for being rich, handsome, insufferably arrogant and his penchant for debating with Ellie with or without a reason. Ellie’s sure Luke debated with her just to rile her up.

She never felt comfortable at the Harvard with the rich crowd and Luke with his constant debating made her wonder her doubt her academic worth. But she knew she’d worked hard to get to the prestigious University unlike Luke.  

He made her stay at the Harvard so uncomfortable that Ellie never wanted to meet Luke again in life. As far as she knew there’s no way they would ever meet, considering they inhabited different worlds.

Fifteen years later she works as a software engineer and more of less happy with her mundane life. Excitement in her professional life comes in the form of company buyout.

Everyone begins to fear for their job. But Ellie has slightly different fear than her colleagues. Ellie finds out the name of the new owner and to her horror, it’s none other than her Harvard nemesis – Luke Thayer.

So she prays he does not remember her. There’s no need to remember her. But to her surprise Luke remembers her just fine and even jokes that she’s the one who got away.

Ellie also finds out that he’s paralyzed in an accident and on the wheelchair, information nowhere to be found online. His cocky personality seems to have undergone a major change too. Though, he still does not leave an opportunity to tease her.

While her colleagues are busy wondering if they would soon be fired, Ellie is wondering maybe they could be friends now that Luke has a different attitude.

In the name of work they begin to spend more and more time together and Ellie likes new Luke better than she ever liked the guy during their University days.

Could they turn their friendship into something more serious? Should she even consider something like that considering they still belong to different worlds and she’s a track record of getting bored with her dates?


I was expecting the story to be funny and it is, even after it turns a bit serious because of Luke’s injury. Ellie & Luke are likeable characters.

But after a while I had trouble continuing to like Ellie’s character that comes across as too whinny and naive at times.

The biggest issue I have had with the story: hero firing people because he wanted to maximize profits by getting rid of employees who did nothing. As per the author he did it after thorough research (something I rather doubt all businesses wanting profit do) on who did what and how much.

So the author gives a good explanation that what he’s doing is right, yet makes it into conflict.

It’s no conflict at all. Luke promising Ellie that he’d keep the company running, despite suffering losses and the lazy people around just because of her is such a wimp move, even if he’s in love with her. Also, I find it highly doubtful that any businessman would make such a move in a real life.

Ellie is such an idiot, expecting a businessman to destroy his business for her, which Luke does in the end and that makes no sense either.

It’s not as if Luke’s involved in something unethical or illegal? I found the end rushed and fantastical, even for a fiction.

‘Harvard Hottie’ is a good readable story, despite all that I didn’t like.

Hit or Miss: Good.

Ratings: 3star/5.

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