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Book Review: How Not To Kiss a Prince by Elizabeth A. Reeves

singels online kijken Series: Book 2 in the ‘Cindy Eller’ series.

So I picked the book for the obvious reason: the title. And of course the blurb sounds interesting and I hoped the story is slightly funny.

For some reason I end up having high hopes from books with these kind of cover art.

Let’s begin the review….

site rencontres 44 Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal Romance.

enter site Main Characters: Cindy Eller.

see url ‘How Not To Kiss a Prince by Elizabeth A. Reeves’ ~~ Synopsis:

Life couldn’t be busier for Cindy and her friends, who run a bakery together.

One of Cindy’s younger sisters is getting married and Cindy is under pressure to prepare sweets for pre-wedding party and the wedding.

To add to the chaos of busyness, Cindy also has to prepare for a werewolf wedding, along with keeping the bakery open for their regular business.

All the preparations, she and her friends have to do within two weeks. Cindy is sure she can handle the stress of working on two weddings together.

It’s clear that they need to hire someone to do the extra work. The extra help arrive, but there’s just one small issue. Neither her two friends-cum-partners have hired the new employee nor has Cindy.

There’s something about the new girl, but Cindy doesn’t have time for solving the mystery as of now.

Because her soon-to-be married sister Rose is angry with Cindy as she can no longer get married. Rose wants Cindy to fix the problem.

Rose’s ultimatum confuses Cindy. Cindy has no idea what Rose’s talking about.


The trouble, named Prince Justine of the Middle Lands, walks into the bakery, claiming to be Cindy’s fiancé.

Prince Justine tells Cindy that her mother had promised to marry her eldest daughter to him in exchange of something long time ago.

The revelations shocks and surprises everyone in the bakery, especially Cindy.

At least, now Cindy knows the reason behind Rose’s upset mood and the ultimatum. Cindy loves her sister, but there’s no way she’d marry a stranger when she’s in love with someone else.

Cindy is angry with her mother. Before dealing with the Prince she wants to know why her mother made such a promise.

The trouble is it’s difficult to find her mother. But Cindy somehow finds her mother, who’s probably avoiding the confrontation, in her step-father’s office.

There Cindy finds out a little about her mother’s promise. She realizes her mother is hiding something more like who Cindy’s father is.

After listening to her mother, Cindy tries to solve the ‘missing father’ puzzle in her life. With the help of her step-father, Cindy finds out who her father is.

And that her mother had intentionally bound her magic, so he’d not find Cindy.

Now that some things make sense in her life, Cindy still has no idea how to break her impending marriage with the Prince.

While Cindy and her lawyer sister are trying to figure out how to get out of a magical agreement, there are few things going wrong in her life. Like:

follow link 1. Prince Charming abducts Cindy after taking a cue from some romance novels on ‘how to woo’. (A trick that doesn’t work ;D and should not be tried.)

How To Get Viagra Prescription in Costa Mesa California 2. All of a sudden it seems everyone wants to buy desserts from their bakery, making it difficult for them to cope with the crowd and its demand. Turns out the new employee Sumac is a former cupid and is putting some love magic in baked goods. 3. Cindy’s human boyfriend Timothy is behaving strange and flips out when he finds out about the Prince.

click here 4. Cindy finds out that her family takes her relationship with Timothy lightly as he’s not a magical being. And believes that Cindy might agree to marry Justine and become a Princess.

There seems to be no way out of the agreement and Cindy doesn’t want to marry Justine at all. 5. Tansy, Cindy’s best friend, is almost always in a bad mood from the moment Justine has shown up at the bakery. 6. Cindy has no idea what to expect at a werewolf wedding and she’s a bit nervous. “Cell phones were tricky things — no amount of magic could force them to work, only pure, clean, ordinary charging.” ~~ Elizabeth A. Reeves (Book: How Not To Kiss A Prince)

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Plus Points:

The simple and almost straightforward story. If you want to read a clean read, then this could be for you.

If you also love to read books where the main character works, in or owns a bakery and there’s talk of sugary delights like cakes, then this book might be for you.

Minus Points:

It wasn’t a review of one and a half book, but it has turned into one such review.

One book torture wasn’t enough for me so I downloaded the first book ‘How Not To Kiss A Toad’ in the series as well.

After all, if a book is part of a series and is quite bad then the first installment must have been good enough to warrant another books…right?

Not really!

After reading almost 40 percent ‘How Not To Kiss A Toad’, I realized first book is as boring as a second one ‘How Not To Kiss A Prince’.

Here are some of the common flaws of ‘how not to kiss a prince’ & ‘How Not To Kiss A Toad’:

The story idea seems interesting enough…yet….there’s no excitement or emotion.

Add childish and underdeveloped characters, who are apparently adults, but behave like idiots and you’ve a story that’s supposed to be funny but is not.  

I don’t know about anyone else….but I just couldn’t gather enough interest to care about cakes/pastries or whatever other sugary things Cindy and her gang make.

A lot of editing is needed. But if someone had done that then there would have been no Cinder Ella series. Maybe it’d have been only one book or a short novella.

Not one character caught my interest….not even once. Everyone is too nice (to the point of being toxic doormats!).

Prince charming is neither charming nor a vicious villain (read: intolerably boring, even worse than Disney princes).

Cindy’s boyfriend by no means is worth putting in any category (neither a rogue nor a nice guy; not even wannabe Christian Grey running wild in today’s fictional world) and one of the most forgettable fictional heroes till date.

If I hadn’t noted, this character in my notebook, I’d have missed mentioning him. In the first book he comes across as someone you’d never want to meet again.

I would not recommend it even for a weekend. Actually, I started reading it on a weekend as there was nothing else I wanted to do but read something light. Alas!

It’s a clean read that gives all clean reads a bad name. Despite inviting titles, I’m not going to waste my time with this series.

Hit or Miss: Miss.

Ratings: 1 star/5.

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