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Book Review: How to Throw Your Life Away by Laurie Ellingham

“More often than not, anger is the result a discrepancy between what we thought would happen – our expectations – and what actually happens – reality.” ~~ Laurie Ellingham (Book: How to Throw Your Life Away)

Yes, the book’s title is the one that made me choose it for the weekend reading. Hoping I would be able to finish it over the weekend.

Let’s find out what’s ‘How to Throw Your Life Away’ is about…

Genre: Romantic Comedy.

Main Characters: Katy Davenport, Tom Pearce.

‘How to Throw Your Life Away by Laurie Ellingham’ ~~ Synopsis:

Katy is not someone who gets angry, at least, not over something as trivial as her boyfriend sitting quietly and watching television. But something snapped in the moment and Katy hit her boyfriend of five years with the remote control.

She’s taken into the police custody when a passing neighbor reported domestic violence. The incident has shaken Katy to say the least. While sitting at the police station, getting interrogated for the assault, Katy begins to wonder – why she lost control over something that doesn’t even matter.

She wonders if she’d land in the prison or that her live-in boyfriend Adam would file charges against her. The whole ordeal shakes up Katy and she admits that Adam’s lazy attitude around the house does bother her, but not enough to break-up with him.

A momentary lapse in judgment surely doesn’t call for anger management classes. She doesn’t have anger management issues. But if Katy wants to stay out of prison, then she’d have to take the deal the officers are offering.

Attend anger management classes for a month and learn to control her anger or else. Katy reluctantly agrees. The only person cheering her on for finally losing her temper with Adam is her best friend.

Katy’s friend thinks she should either discuss the relationship status with Adam or find someone else. Katy isn’t sure about discussing anything related to their lackluster relationship with Adam. She desires getting married and having children just like her best friend.

But the remote-gate leaves a lot of awkwardness between Katy and Adam and for the first time in a couple of years, Katy begins to question if Adam is who she wants to be with. He seems to be staying at her house doing nothing, while she’s working at a dead end job to make a living and doing all the chores in the house.

Is their relationship even worth saving? She doesn’t know or rather she doesn’t want to think about it.

But the first thing she needs to do is to attend the anger management classes and somehow complete her attendance. Yes, Katy has no intention of learning to control some issue she doesn’t have.

In the anger management classes she finds herself paying attention even if to make sure that the instructor, Tom Pearce, isn’t embarrassing her in front of the class.

She doesn’t know why he’s picking up on her in the classes. But when she accidentally meets him at the housewarming party her friend takes her to, they get along like a house on fire.

Her new found attraction to the man she doesn’t want to like add more chaos in her life. Then she’s made redundant from her job because she’s not ‘aggressive’ enough and Katy loses her temper once again.

Soon she gets an opportunity to start a business doing something she loves, but she’s not sure if she could run a business. But everyone in her life encourages her to take the chance. What she has got to lose?

Katy gathers her courage and decides to start her life afresh. But some confusion remains like how to tell Adam to leave her house now that he seems to be making an effort to keep their relationship or what’s happening between her and Tom.

Once upon a time, her life lacked excitement and all of a sudden there’s no lack of it. Every day seems like an adventure.


For the first few chapters the humor is there. As the story progresses the humor moves aside. The plot doesn’t get serious, but it’s not light either, at least I didn’t find it.

But it’s engaging – the reason why I kept reading. The pace of the story is fast with a few typos and missing words here and there to confuse.

Katy’s character is relatable as many of us get into her behavior pattern until we lose our supposed calm and composed attitude.

Overall, ‘How to Throw Your Life Away’ is a good Romantic Comedy that you’d read over the lazy weekend.

Hit or Miss: Hit.

Ratings: 3star/5.

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