book review keep the change by nirupama subramanian

Book Review: Keep the Change by Nirupama Subramanian

Once again, I picked a book because of the cover art. Back in the day I used to (sometimes) read the blurb as well.

So after reading the blurb: “rollicking story of every girl’s journey to fulfill her dreams,” the reader inside my head reacted, ‘I don’t agree!’

Here are the objections: Two or more people’s life situation could be somewhat similar but saying everyone’s lives are similar, is a gross exaggeration.

How your life turns out depends a lot on the decisions and choices you make. What are the chances everyone will make the same kind of decisions and choices in the similar situations?

Also, I doubt every ‘girl’ would behave hyper-responsibly like Damayanthi does, after getting the freedom she was supposedly craving.

Anyways, let’s get to the review….

Genre: Chick-Lit

Main Characters: B. Damayanthi.

‘Keep the Change by Nirupama Subramanian’ ~~ Synopsis:

B. Damayanthi lives with her parents in Chennai and works at an accountancy firm run by someone known to her father.

She hates her name, hates her life, hates her job, doesn’t like her mother’s attempts to get her married as fast as possible and wants to lead an exciting & independent life away from her family’s constant interruptions.

(Sounds familiar? It kind of is; the only good thing is it’s quite hilarious at certain points and explains how most Indian parents behave when they fail to get their daughters married before a certain age. And this angle is getting boring!)

One day, Damayanthi decides ‘enough is enough’ and introduces some changes in her dull life after talking to one of her friends Sumitra. Sumitra seems to have it all and Damayanthi wants it as well.

Damayanthi secures an interview with a corporate bank and her witty answer gets her the job. Her happiness knows no bounds when she finds out that they have recruited her for their Mumbai branch.

That gives her the opportunity to leave her old life behind. She leaves for Mumbai in hopes of making her dreams come true amidst much protest from her parents.

When she reaches Mumbai, she discovers she will have to share the apartment provided by the bank with a snobbish size-zero Sonya Sood, who works in the insurance department.

In the office, for the first time she becomes friends with a guy, Jimmy, who provides her with weird advice on how to navigate the corporate life and insights into how things work in her new surroundings.

Then she meets a charming guy Rahul and falls for him. But later finds out, he’s two timing, which leaves Damayanthi a bit crushed.

And then there’s CG, who Damayanthi tries to impress because she thinks he has a low opinion of her intellectual powers.


Damayanthi is a witty character, the only problem is she barely ever shares her thoughts because of the fear of hurting feelings of her parents or other people around.

But whenever she does allow her “little voice” to speak up, the results are hilarious. Letting her thoughts out more often probably could have made this story comical.

Loved the idea of writing letters to her mysterious childhood friend Victoria! Cute!

Sometimes I wondered why the author didn’t explore the idea of CG and Damayanthi as a couple; they seem to have a spark. And what’s the full name of this CG creature? Why the suspense?

Thankfully novel; despite having a clichéd storyline is good enough to read.

Maybe more than once, depending on your taste and what other options are available. In some places the story is not just slow but quite uninteresting.

Hit or Miss: Readable. 

Ratings: 3stars/5.

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