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Book Review: Kept by Elle Field

indicatori trading opzioni binarie Series: Book 1 in the ‘Arielle Lockley’ series.

click here “Whoever said you don’t need money when you have love clearly never had to speak to an angry bank manager.” ~~ Elle Field (Book: Kept)

Lately I’m becoming someone, who reads blurbs these days! 😀 So the blurb seemed inviting enough — a story of a lazy girl.

That’s the impression I got from the blurb and thought it must be funny if not anything else.

Also, it’s a Chick-lit with a good cover. This genre is good for providing some light moments. But one should never live under past illusions and judge each story anew. 😉

Let’s begin the review….

migliori trading opzioni binarie Genre: Chick-lit. Main Characters: Arielle Lockley; Piers Bramley.

poly dating advice ‘Kept By Elle Field’ ~~ Synopsis:

Arielle’s life at twenty-five is a mess she’d never envisioned it to be. She’s supposed to become the next ‘Coco Chanel’.

She’s also supposed to breeze through life with the help of a fairy-godmother. Alas! Life never follows anyone’s plans or wishes.

Arielle’s going back to her parents’ home, after breaking up with her boyfriend of four years, Piers, who once adored her.

But at present he can’t tolerate being around her, as she’s no longer the independent woman he fell in love with.

Arielle’s confused, unemployed and clueless about her future. She knows Piers is right and she hasn’t worked or even tried too hard to find a job in the last four years.

It no longer matters that Piers seemed happy to pay her expenses. She acknowledges that their relationship was heading towards doom because of her behavior after a point. 

But she doesn’t have a clue about how she’s going to get her life together. She forgot all about her dreams when the guy she fancied herself in love with broke up with her when she’s fifteen.

Ever since that incident, Arielle’s existing and not living her life. Until Piers throws her out of his house and life, she never realized how she’s wasting her life doing nothing.

She doesn’t even want to go to her parents’ house as she lied to them about having a good job and how she met Piers. But without money she can’t be anywhere else, but at her parents.

Arielle lands at her parents’ house with a heavy heart, hoping to figure out something. But before that she needs to do a few things like: 1. Tell her parents that she doesn’t have the fancy job they think she does. The truth is she hasn’t worked even for a day in her adult life.

2. She needs to tell them about how she met Piers and how he’s the one paying for her expenses. So she continued pretending to be someone she’s not.

opziobi binarie con tecnica camelback 3. That she wanted to and still wants to do something that’s related to fashion and not economics. That degree, she has got is useless to her.

ouedkniss rencontre mariage 4. And, in all this chaos, she realizes that she may be in love with Piers and not her first crush. But she treated Piers poorly for so long, she’s not sure if there’s a hope for them anymore.

Arielle, slowly, with little support from her childhood friend at first, then her parents and then Piers, begins to learn to grow into a mature adult.

But that’s when her childhood crush comes back into her life and makes it into a mess again. She gets confused again, if she wants to accept the past or build a future with Piers, who wants her back in his life.

rencontre femme cotonou “There aren’t any medicinal procedures out there to fix broken hearts, let alone a painkiller to ease the agony. Not unless you count copious amounts of vodka which, let’s face it, is only ever a temporary measure.” ~~ Elle Field (Nook: Kept)

mujeres solteras con whatsapp en chiriqui Review:

For the major part of the story my opinion of Arielle was:

She’s lazy, who doesn’t want to work, but keep wishing for her childhood dream to come true by some magic.

You know those people, who think some ‘secret’ will get them what they want, without doing anything. She also lacks self-respect.

In the latter part, it seems she’s growing up, but I’m not convinced, considering she did nothing other than sulking somewhere and ‘fairy godmother’ appearing as per her wish.

Her character isn’t likeable at all. Her boyfriend Piers seems unhinged, one moment he’s so sweet that you’d question what’s he’s hiding and the next moment he’s throwing her out.

He also suffers from the delusion that Arielle at any time in the story was ‘independent’. I would like to know when that happened.

Also, I failed to see ‘qualities’ this Piers character see in Arielle. There are no qualities in Arielle, unless, you count lazy and extreme selfishness. Her character seems stuck at the age of sixteen.

It was entertaining once in a while to read Arielle’s progress, but not believable. I felt the story dragging pointlessly when it could have ended sooner. The end didn’t leave me wanting to read anything more about her.

You want to read more about the characters you either like or find interesting in some manner even if you don’t like them.

Arielle isn’t interesting just another lazy, who doesn’t deserve what she’s got and a wannabe Shopaholic. At least, Rebecca Bloomwood’s entertaining.

follow site “It’s shame you can’t purchase luck on a credit card.” ~~ Elle Field (Book: Kept)

Strange…all Arielle suffers from in the story is luck and nothing else.

go to site Hit Or Miss: One time read.

Ratings: 2stars/5.

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