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Book Review: Killing Monsters by Tatiana Moore

Series: Book 2 in the ‘Killing Memories’

I have waited so long for this series to get into Kindle Unlimited that my happiness knew no bounds to see it there.

That means I could probably finish the series.

Let’s find out a bit more about Killing Monsters…

Genre: Chick-lit.

Main Characters: Estella Ramos.

‘Killing Monsters by Tatiana Moore’ ~~ Synopsis:

In a couple of months since Dr. Pervo crazy shooting incident at her uncle’s place, Estela’s life has changed for better, even if that change isn’t much.

Estela is also sure that she’s a new superpower that helps her detect psychos. After all, she’s the only one who knew from the beginning that Dr. Pervo was a bad news.

In the exact same manner, she knows her colleague-cum-friend Olivia’s ex-boyfriend Christian is the serial killer, going around killing almost all his pregnant girlfriends.

Except Estela no one is ready to believe her theory. So what if Christian is a suspect, but nothing has been proved. Her best friend Moo doesn’t take Estela’s theory seriously.

While Caleb worries if she’s suffering from the after effects of going through a traumatic experience. Even Olivia dismisses Estela’s concerns.

Dr Pervo incident did traumatize Estela, but the new case isn’t about that. Even if no one believes her and she cannot do much to prove her theory, Estela remains sure she’s right.

Estela wants to save her friend Olivia who’s pregnant with Christian’s triples, from becoming the next victim.

But what could she do when no one is listening. In the meantime, her newly perfect life isn’t so perfect. No matter how much she feels in love with Caleb, they haven’t had sex yet. And she’s not sure how long she’d test his patience.

Then there’s a small matter of her mother denying the presence of Caleb in Estela’s life. Estela isn’t sure if her mother would ever come around and drop her attempts to match her with some other random guy.

In the midst of all this drama, her boss informs Estela that she’s not the manager of the café, but only an assistant manager until someone qualified is hired. Estela couldn’t believe the new development.

When Moo announces her semi-retirement and hires Estela as her manager, Estela wonders what to do. She doesn’t want to disappoint one more person in her life.

How could she become Moo’s manager when she knows nothing about the modeling business?

But in the end she decides to move forward with her life and accept her friend’s offer, get ready to celebrate some time with Caleb at his parents’ ranch and if possible to find out who is killing Christian’s pregnant exes.

Though, Estela remains sure that Christian is the killer. After all, he has told Olivia twice, he doesn’t want the responsibility of children.


In the ‘Killing Memories’ I had problems with Estela’s doormat-ish personality. And in the ‘Killing Monsters’ I had trouble connecting with the new improved version of Estela.

In just a couple of month’s time Estela’s character has turned into someone unrecognizable. Who changes that fast?

Then there’s a small issue of ‘Killing Monsters’ is not as funny as ‘Killing Memories’. The pace of the story is so slow that it’s frustrating to read.

There’s some humor when Estela lands at Caleb’s parents’ home. But after that it’s a crazy ride of a plot that made no sense to me.

I don’t even know why Estela wanted to meddle in the police investigation. The Sherlock Holmes type chapters in the end were the most uninteresting and annoying to read.

I’d have simply read or watched Sherlock Holmes instead of wasting time on this story.

I wonder if it’s what’s called cozy mystery. In that case I’d rather not continue as I don’t like these stories with their amateur detectives at all.

This one turned out to be the case of ‘careful what you wish for’ as the nightmare might come true.

I skipped the next two books in the series to download ‘Hostile Kisses’. But prologue lost me so I kicked it out of my Kindle library too. I’m happy to forget about ever wanting to read this series.

Hit or Miss: Miss.

Ratings: 1star/5.

Buy:  Amazon

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