book review kkrishnaa's konfessions by smita jain

Book Review: Kkrishnaa’s Konfessions by Smita Jain

I remember reading rave reviews of this book in the newspapers when it’s released and ever since I wanted to read ‘Kkrishnaa’s Konfessions’.

Yes, the misspelled title helps in getting readers’ attention too. It got mine as well. But, for some or other reason, I couldn’t find the time needed to get the book.

After a while, I also forgot all about it. At least I thought I forgot about it. Don’t know what triggered my memory, but one day I started searching for the title.

The title kept eluding me. All I remembered was ‘confession’ part of it. Anyways, my persistence paid, as I tracked the book after a few hours of search.

Let’s find out some more about the story in the review below….

Genre: Chicklit.

Main Character: Kkrishnaa.

‘Kkrishnaa’s Konfessions by Smita Jain’ ~~ Synopsis:

Kkrishnaa is a twenty-something script writer for saas-bahu (mother-in-law & daughter-in-law) shows that dominate Indian TV.

(The best way to describe these shows is: the shows that ruin it all for anyone interested in watching something sane on the television. Not that I any longer suffer from the delusion that you can watch TV and stay sane at the same time.)

Kkrishnaa is finding it difficult to come up with new exciting ideas to keep the show running.

Kkrishnaa doesn’t want the show’s producer to know that she’s suffering from a writer’s block. This knowledge has the potential to end her television career in a blink of an eye.

So Kkrishnaa tries her best to stay on her assignment.

Alas, the producer is aware of Kkrishnaa’s predicament and has arranged a meeting with another writer, Dev Trivedi.

Kkrishnaa and Dev have a history. She’s angry with Dev as she believes he stole and used the idea that was their joint venture, to advance his career.

The chemistry between Kkrishnaa and Dev is sizzling and both are good at playing word games.

So what a writer can do when s/he fails to come up with something spicy to write about?

Simple, start spying on the neighbors and hope they do have something of a spicy and scandalous lifestyle.

Kkrishnaa begins to spy on the residents of her neighboring building. She finds some weird and entertaining characters.

All the spying gives her enough ideas to keep the script of her show going with interesting twists and turns.

Before Kkrishnaa can reap benefits of her hard work, she along with Dev witnesses a murder.

From there on their life turns into a rollercoaster ride, sending them on a path to find the real murderer in collaboration with the police.


Kkrishnaa’s character is the most refreshing and honest female character, till date, in the Indian fiction market, I have come across.

Why? Because Kkrishnaa’s not obsessed with the idea of finding “Mr. Right”, barely seems to care. Her obsession is her career.

Kkrishnaa lives her life as per her wishes without giving much thought about others’ rules. There’s nothing that’s forbidden in Kkrishnaa’s life dictionary.

She’s ready to manipulate, intimidate, sleep around if need be, flatter, look into other people’s homes for juicy story ideas, implant false stories etc. etc. (I think you got it the lengths she’s ready to go for the sake of her career.)

All she’s concerned about is advancing her career by all and any means possible.

The book swings between Kkrishnaa’s perspective and her imagination, where she weaves dramatic next chapters of her script.

Even when an assassin is running after her or she’s in the prison, she’s busy spinning stories. That’s how committed, she’s to the idea of advancing her career. 😀

My expectations were quite high from this book and I must admit it didn’t disappoint me at all.

Though, at first, Kkrishnaa’s character confused me a little. Yet I liked her a lot after a while.

Even if you don’t end up liking her much, you can still learn at least commitment and dedication from Kkrishnaa towards work. 😉

But you may not want to adopt all the shady tactics she uses in the novel. After all, it’s a fictional character and they can always have their brand of happy ending despite engaging in some weird antics.

Also, it’s a laugh-riot from the beginning to the end as long as you are ready to let go of logic. Forget about making sense of lots of things and you’ll have a good time laughing.

The story is just like a movie that ends up making you laugh even when plot might not be that great or make no sense at times.

Inspector Giakonde, ACP Tushaar Chaturvedi are the ones to look out for besides Kkrishnaa.

Interesting and humorous read!

If all you are after is a good laugh, this one won’t disappoint you. I have read it a few times and it still manages to make me laugh.

Forget putting it in a category. It’s part chick-lit, murder mystery, suspense with a sprinkling of romance.

Hit or Miss: Hit!

Ratings: 4stars/5.

Buy: Amazon  

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