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Book Review: Love Handles by Gretchen Galway

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actos 40 mg “Everyone needs to have a little faith – in themselves most of all.” ~~ Gretchen Galway (Book: Love Handles)

It’s one of the books that are sitting idly in my Kindle somewhere. Till one of my friends on Google Plus reviewed it and it got me curious.

So I searched the book and started to read.

Let’s read the review of find a little about ‘Love Handles’…أ�?ضل-الخيارات-الثنائية-وسطاء-مع-ال�د-الأدنى-للإيداع-منخ�?ض Genre: Romantic Comedy. Main Characters: Beverly Lewis, Liam Johnson.

‘Love Handles by Gretchen Galway’ ~~ Synopsis:

Beverly is a preschool teacher and loves her job. But her boss does not like Bev much and thinks she gets too attached to the children and it’s not good.

Bev has learned to ignore her boss’s jibes. If only she’d have done something to stop her boss from firing her.

Till the next teaching session begins, she’s jobless and the owner of a fitness apparel company she inherited from her estranged grandfather.

No one in her family can make sense of her inheritance, along with Bev.

She does not know what she’s supposed to do as an owner of fitness apparel company when she hate to even exercise.

She visits the company and finds people either too stressed or rude to each other. Bev is nice, she likes being nice to people around her, even if they are not nice to her.

So she decides to sell the company to her aunt, who is ready to pay Bev, what Bev thinks is good money to live till she gets the job. It also makes sense as her aunt has worked for her grandfather, her entire life and wants the company.

Liam, the executive Vice-president, of the company is angry with Bev’s grandfather, who, after grooming him to take over, leaves the company to a granddaughter the old man had never met.

Anyone else would have resigned and found some lucrative position somewhere else, but Liam cannot. He has invested all his working life in running the company to walk away from it now.

He also has a good experience of working in the industry, but not the degrees.

Not having fancy degrees most have in the industry could be a problem for his career. He’s sure to get the charge of the company when the time arrived, so he didn’t create a plan B.

The only small reprieve is that the old man didn’t leave his mean daughter in-charge of the company.

Liam probably still could save the drowning company, if he buys it from Bev or makes sure she agrees to become an owner in name while he runs the show.

Liam believed he could achieve his goal until he meets Bev. It seems he not just feeling some weird attraction to her. But she’s stubborn enough to want to sell the company to her aunt, no matter what he tells her about her aunt.

So he decides to stop Bev from signing over the deed for a while. Liam tries his best to coax Bev into selling the company or think about becoming a silent owner. But he fails. She’s determined to sell.

Until Bev talks to her family and they all discourages her from investing her free time in running the company. What does a teacher knows about running a company?

Bev decides that she would at least try to take charge of the company. Managing people is probably similar to managing little kids and she has good experience managing kids.  

If only she’s ready for the office politics like she’d never encountered before.

Bev begins to wonder how to survive in a hostile company environment where even the VP, instead of helping her, wants her out.

Liam decides to make Bev’s office life difficult. He knows the employees would look up to him for direction and how to behave towards her. And he wants her out.

But it seems she’s not yet ready to run away.

Bev has something to prove to everyone around her and she’s not going to leave when she begins to make some progress in the office.

Liam when not trying to create problems for her, seems like a nice person, she’d fall for.

In all the madness going around her, Bev needs to figure out soon how to make the company profitable, reunite her mother & aunt and keep her heart safe from falling for Liam.

opzioni binarie scommettre Review:

I enjoyed Bev & Liam’s love story. It got my interest from the beginning, mostly because of the humor.

The secondary characters are quite good and interesting, especially Bev’s ninja sister, who kicks first and does not even ask questions later. 😀

Except Bev’s sister, I didn’t like any other member of her family at all. Then in the end they get a sort of personality transplant and they start acting nice. Those characters are not redeemable.

Nasty people most of the time remains nasty and sometimes those people’s nasty negative words are just that negative and not concern. “Don’t depend on them liking you. It’s not enough and it never lasts. You need to stop caring about what people think of you. People who don’t matter anyway.” ~~ Gretchen Galway (Book: Love Handles)

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