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Book Review: Made for Me by Kathryn R Biel

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The premise of the story – the reality TV show – isn’t something that I like. But I thought since it’s a Chick-lit it could be a funny story. Maybe?

Let’s find out if ‘Made for Me by Kathryn R Biel’ a funny story is…

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go to site Main Characters: Michele Nowakowski. ‘Made for Me by Kathryn R Biel’ ~~ Synopsis:

All Michele wants to do in life is to sew. She’s almost thirty and still is not thinking seriously about where her life’s headed. As long as she’d sew she’s happy. Also, she does have a job that keeps her afloat.

Till the day comes when she finds out that the shop is closing and she realizes that her life is not in order. No money, no career, no security and having an on again off again boyfriend, don’t make for a happy life.

It seems her life is falling apart and she didn’t even know it. Her parents are planning to sell the house, so living with them until she figures out her life is not an option available.

Michele has only a small window of time to figure out not just what she wants to do for a living, where she’d live and what she really want to do in her life.

But for a time being, there’s one thing that may solve some of her problems – a reality TV show, where she along with other contestants would be designing clothes for a would-be-princess of a small country.

Michele has no interest in reality TV shows, but beggars are not choosers. She begins to wonder if she’d gather some publicity for her newly opened Etsy shop.

Also, while she’s away her family would not get another chance to match her up with unsuitable guys either.

Michele gets selected for the show and meets the other nine contestants each one, if not more, but as talented & skilled as she.

She doesn’t know if she’d even survive the first round of the contest. But Michele is determined to put in the effort and the focus where it matters.

As the show progresses and Michele manage to stay in it, she realizes that her focus has changed. She no longer wants some publicity for her online shop.

She wants to win the show and understands the need to keep her ever wandering focus from wandering in the direction of a charming fellow-designer Asher.

Asher isn’t the only one threatening Michele’s focus. She finds herself becoming the object of his attention. But his free-spirit behavior confuses Michele. Does she want to invest her time in someone like him?

Then there’s Lincoln, who she’s known almost all her life, but never considered him.

But before she could decide which would be a better choice, she has to continue focusing on making the winning designs for the future princess.

All’s going well until the future princess wants the one design that puts Michele in a predicament that’s too difficult.

She wants to win the show and upsetting the future princess isn’t the way to win it that much she knows.

But she’s not sure if she’d fulfill the princess’s request either just to win. Review:

Since Chick-lit is a genre where the protagonists try her best to find herself and make something of herself, I have somewhat made peace with clueless (read: lazy) heroines running around.

Michele is one such character without anything new added to make her stand out in the herd of such characters in the genre.

Since Michele is the blandest character in this story, I had a difficult time with the story.

Romance is almost always non-existent in Chick-lit. But in ‘Made for Me’ it seems added only to fill probably the expectation of the genre. Take it out and the story would not miss the romance angle and the story would still be boring. 

If you’re wondering why I finished the story, the answer is simple: just like most books-addicts I’m glutton for punishment when it comes to reading boring books. Also, I was expecting some laughter.

There were glimpses of what could have been good laughing scenes, but they just flopped. 

And I’m getting sick of reading pointless epilogues. But that’s another story altogether. My quest for good Chick-Lit books continues

In the meantime, if you are or were ever into reality shows or shows like Project Runaway then you may like ‘Made for Me by Kathryn R Biel’.

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