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Book Review: Mastery by Robert Greene

dating agency cyrano hong jong hyun “Mastery— the feeling that we have a great command of reality, other people and ourselves.” ~~ Robert Greene (Book: Mastery)

Mastery is the second Robert Green I read. It’s been a while. For some reason or another I kept stalling completing the review.

Without wasting time, let’s find out the lesson from Robert Greene’s ‘Mastery’:

order premarin without prescription Lesson 1: Find Your True Aim (Life’s Task):

To find out what your real goal in life is, you first need to know yourself and what it is that you connect to, or once upon a time connected to.  

Find out what task calls to you intensely and on a level that’s indescribable. If you discover a couple of ideas that call to you then start with one at first. Once you’ve successfully completed that task or have achieved some success, then you’d find time to explore your other interest.

But don’t multitask and divide your attention.

You also must be in love with your chosen field as following the path to mastery is not easy. You will have to subject yourself to continuous working, improvement and apprenticeship over a long period of time.

If you don’t connect with your work on a deeper level, then chances of you quitting are high when you encounter some or a couple of obstacles in your way.

Also, after a while, even the work you love can become monotonous. What keeps you motivated to go on is your connection to the task you’ve chosen.

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pacific beach hookup “It is a simple law of human physiology that your thoughts will tend to revolve around what you value most.” ~~ Robert Greene (Book: Mastery)  

enter Lesson 2: Your Motivation Behind Following Your Goal Should Be Greater Than Your Desire To Earn Quick Money:

Your desire to create something of your own should be your motivation rather desire to earn huge sums of money as soon as possible. Here are the reasons: 1: If you are following the only money, then you might stop chasing your dream/goal in the midst when you find money isn’t flowing as you’d expected. Following mastery is not a get rich quick scheme.

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