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Book Review: Miss Adventure by Geralyn Corcillo

Series: Book 1 in the ‘In Love in the Limelight’

“Everyone has a role in a family. Regardless of who you become or how you grow, your family sees you in your role.” ~~ Geralyn Corcillo (Book: Miss Adventure)

The title sounds promising, even the blurb promises some funny moments. Let’s see if it lives up to its image…

Genre: Chick-Lit Romance.

Main Characters: Lisa Flyte, Jack Hawkins.

‘Miss Adventure by Geralyn Corcillo’ ~~ Synopsis:

When a freak restaurant accident makes Lisa infamous and a millionaire, she finally decides it’s time she starts living her life fearlessly. If possible, she wants to forget how hurtful, it’s to get dumped by her fiancé immediately after she came out of the coma.

She also wants to learn to deal better with her selfish family, who stole her compensation money and left no stone unturned to embarrass her further on camera when she’s in coma. It doesn’t help that the media is still stalking her to get some more crazy news from her side.  

She also wants to learn to fend off money grabbing leeches she’s attracting because she’s rich. And if possible, then finally find out what she wants to do with her life. The money she got from the fast food company when their restaurant’s roof fell on her is not enough for life.

The reason she enrolls in MBA course to learn to better manage her new fortune. But first she needs to learn fearlessness.

She zeroes in on her classmate Jack Hawkins to teach her fearlessness. The man oozes fearlessness and confidence as he’s into extreme sports and runs a company making gears for people like him. The only thing left to do is to convince him somehow that it’s worth his time to teach her to become fearless.

It takes some convincing and that Jack needs an amateur to test his new gadgets for the amateur people, who want to become adventurous, but Lisa gets her wish.

And her adventure or the ordeal begins, making Lisa wonder if she made the right choice. Its obvious Jack seems to regret his decision to get her involved in the testing of his new amateur adventure gear.

But maybe the training is working for her. She’s bought herself a home, mostly so her family couldn’t find and contact her to further make her life miserable.

She manages to get a job at a dying firm, promising to save it with her knowledge she doesn’t have and efforts rather than doling out her money just because.

She wanted to turn her life around and it seems her efforts are paying off. But are the results what she wanted or just unwanted consequences of her actions.


I enjoyed reading Miss Adventure and its funny, almost till the end. What I didn’t like: sometimes it seems the author has skipped some details or rather wants readers to understand without providing all the details. I’m not that kind of reader. It’s your story; you explain I rather not waste my time connecting dots when unrequited. It’s a Chicklit and not a Mystery.  

For example: the author keeps hinting at the incident that made Lisa infamous and a millionaire. I would have liked full disclosure, meaning the entire sorry incident spelled out. The author has embarrassed Lisa’s character enough throughout the story, so it’s probably not an attempt to save Lisa from the further embarrassment.

Also, it’s a fiction (hopefully) and it’s not funny when you don’t know the full details of a funny, sorry incident that transforms the life of the main character.

The author seems to be hinting at the incident from the beginning. Since it’s not explained I had a difficult time understanding what Lisa’s problem was and sympathize with her.

Lisa’s family is not nice and that’s the understatement. I’m glad the author suddenly didn’t turn them into nice loving people or Lisa into a fighter she’s not.

All in all, ‘Miss Adventure’ is a funny story.  

Hit or Miss: Good.

Ratings: 3star/5.

Buy: Amazon

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