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Book Review: My Favorite Husband by Pam McCutcheon Series: Book 1 in the ‘Romantic Comedy Duo’.

So I guessed after looking at the cover that it’s either Chick-Lit or a romantic comedy.

Instead of continuing to guess or just reading the blurb I wasted no time in starting to read ‘My Favorite Husband’.

Let’s have a look at the review…

site de rencontres gratuites a la reunion Genre: Contemporary Romance; Romantic Comedy.

source Main Characters: Kelly Richmond, Chaz Vincent, ‘My Favorite Husband by Pam McCutcheon’ ~~ Synopsis:

Kelly searched for her archeologist husband for five years, but couldn’t find a trace of him.

So she Kelly agrees to get him declared dead and decides to get married to Spencer, who’s patiently waiting for her to begin her life once again.

For some reason, Kelly schedules to get married and have a memorial service for her first husband on the same day.

Her marriage to Spencer goes without a hitch despite her hesitation.


The memorial service comes to a halt and chaos ensues when her dead Husband, Chaz, walks in declares himself alive.

opzione binarie conviene “Joy filled her. Her husband was alive. Horror filled her. Her husband was waiting in the Pourtales honey moon suite.” ~~ Pam McCutcheon (Book: My Favorite Husband)

Kelly is happy that Chaz’s alive and back! Her happiness lasts only for a few moments as she remembers — now she’s two husbands.

She breaks the news of her predicament to Chaz, who feels betrayed. Yet, recovers quickly and asks Kelly to forget about the other guy.

Kelly refuses to go along Chaz’s plan and decides to inform Spencer of the new development in a less shocking way.

While he’s held captive for five years by an Amazon tribe, the world seemed to have changed. Chaz realizes his meek wife, who always went along with his suggestions, has changed as well.

The new version of his wife is independent, sophisticated and above all take charge of her life. He does not like the change.

Kelly’s not sure if there’s any way to break the shocking news gently to Spencer. Once she’s dealt with this issue, she needs to deal with another one:

And the game begins!

Who shall she choose as her husband?

Chaz: Adventurous, unpredictable, exciting, irresponsible, uncaring of her wants & needs and selfish.


Spencer: Dependable, uninteresting, cares about what she thinks and wants, responsible for helping her turn into a confident woman, loving.

Within a short-period of time other quirky characters with their own agendas join the drama going on in Kelly’s life and the situations starts spiraling out of control.

source site Review:

c238a51c0cdd75e5c3e1844deb7d978c Plus Points:

The antics of the characters are hilarious. Chaz and Kelly’s brother Scott are especially funny character.

The book is for light-reading for sure and would entertain you if you’re seeking light comedy and know could stop yourself from over-analyzing.

At first it seems like a triangle, add Candace, who loves Spencer and a crazy woman who’s insistent on marrying Chaz and you lose track of what it is! Most certainly not a triangle, it doesn’t even resemble a rectangle. 😉

sprüche über das kennenlernen Minus Points:

If I have to pick one thing that’s responsible for spoiling the story for me then it’s Chaz’s character — a very selfish human being and husband.

He remained captive for five years and never spent a minute thinking about the person he’s.

Ok, I’m not really surprised. There are many people, who never waste their time over-analyzing their behavior and believe that the world should revolve around them.

The needy and the clingy types, who don’t understand why someone would, dare say ‘no’ to what they want.

Chaz is that kind of character. So no surprise when he didn’t like, his meek and dependent wife showing signs of acquiring a bit of her own mind.  

He’s not changed, but the world has, including his wife Kelly, in his absence.

I was hoping for a different outcome, but wasn’t surprised with the end. But the end did disappoint me.

follow 1: I failed to understand: what was the need for the stunt Kelly pulls before the end?

Maybe, it’s an attempt to show that Kelly is indeed a closet thrill-seeker. Something she didn’t know and something that I didn’t buy even for a moment. 2: Kelly and Chaz make for a good fictional couple with co-dependency issues.  

Kelly needs Chaz to save her and provide excitement in her boring existence. Chaz needs Kelly to be around and adore him without demanding anything in return, while he’s busy with his next adventure.

At one point, Chaz says something like ‘relationships are about give and take’ which is true.

His character throws the wisdom at Kelly when she starts giving him a taste of his own medicine. All of a sudden he’s no problem understanding ‘how a healthy relationship functions’.

But Chaz has trouble understanding the exact same thing when she says; it’s not her job to keep their relationship alive.

The sad thing is, he doesn’t want to give and only want to take. Hence, the issues with the new version of Kelly, who’s demanding he pay her attention or else.

Their issues are not exactly resolved in the end. I’m guessing by getting back together without resolution they fell back into their roles:

Kelly — ‘giving & giving and resenting’, while Chaz — ‘takes and takes and lives his adventurous life’.

The end in ‘My Favorite Husband’ leaves much to be desired. Hit or Miss: Hit.

source link Ratings: 3/5 stars.

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