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Book Review: Not Quite Perfect by Gretchen Galway

Series: Book 3 in the ‘Oakland Hills’.

“You know you can’t wait forever. Sometimes you can’t wait for life to get out of your way. You have to barge right into it.” ~~ Gretchen Galway (Book: Not Quite Perfect)

After finishing ‘Love Handles’ I started reading this one. I usually binge read certain author’s books, if I like one. I just hope it’s not a wrong decision.

Let’s get to the review of ‘Not Quite Perfect by Gretchen Galway’…

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy.

Main Characters: April Johnson, Zackary ‘Zack’ Fain.

‘Love Handles by Gretchen Galway’ ~~ Synopsis:

When April’s boyfriend runs away, leaving her with unpaid rent and his dog, she’s no other option, but moving back in with her mother.

The recent turn of events, makes April question where her life’s headed. So far all she’s done is one temporary job after another and date unreliable guys. 

Unlike her brothers, it seems she has not achieved anything in her life. Everyone has moved on with their lives, even her classmates, but not her. She’s still floating around aimlessly.

So she decides to take her life seriously and use her artistic skills for a change.

April thought it would be easy to convince Liam to give her a job at Fite. But he refuses, so April decides to sneak into the art department and do some work and almost gets caught.

Soon with the help of her mother and sister-in-law April gets the job as a freelance artist at Fite and also as a part-time nanny to her niece.

Now begins her goal to prove to everyone around that she’s not flighty and could keep a job.

On the other hand….

After the death of his wife at a young age, Zack lost his desire to live for a long time. For a change he decides to stop drowning in his sorrows and get over them.

To introduce some change in his personal life and expand his business Zack takes on a new consulting job at the Fite Fitness. His job is to observe the company environment and the people to find things to improve.  

While he’s trying to expand his career, Zack wonders if he should begin dating again.

But his new trouble is he just doesn’t want to date just anyone. He wants to go out with April, who he met while she’s sneaking out of design room.

She’s also the CEO’s younger sister that may or may not get him in trouble with Liam. Zack wants his business to grow and not fizzle because of mixing personal with business.

When April gets the freelance opportunity at Fite, she thinks there’s no need to tell her brother about her adventures in sneaking into the design room to show her artsy skills.

But Zack knows at least half of it and he might tell Liam. Everyone’s scared for their job when Zack is around, April more than others.

As he caught her running out of the design room and turns out Mr. Serious might tell her brother as it’s probably part of his job description.

Her job as it seems is already in jeopardy as no matter what she does or how well she does it, designers in the company don’t seem to like her and are making it difficult for her to do it.  

Zack seems to want to help, after getting her in more trouble, but April doesn’t want him to intervene.

For once she wants to tackle her problems, her way and not run to her big brothers to solve them.

In the meantime, she’s wondering if she should like Zack or not. He’s certainly not like anyone she’s dated before. Is she even ready to be serious in her relationship as well?


I liked April and Zac. They seem good together.

April’s character is a fun one, but paired with Zac, they make for a boring fictional couple. That’s no cause to inspire too many laughs.

Zac’s character is a bore. After reading his story, it’s understandable why. But again, something that serious does not make for a comic situation.

That is what I was expecting, after all, it’s a romantic comedy and I only started reading ‘Not Quite Perfect’, because of ‘Love Handles’.

My response to ‘Not Quite Perfect’ is lukewarm. That’s also why it took me over a month to complete this review. I just didn’t want to write it and it’s not even a negative one.

“How long do you think life is? It’s short. Short. You have to seize it. You have to take it and grab it now.” ~~ Gretchen Galway (Book: Not Quite Perfect)

Hit or Miss: OK.

Ratings: 3stars/5.

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