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Book Review: Out of Practice Aphrodite by S. E. Babin

Series: Book 1 in ‘The Goddess Chronicles’

“Love rarely made sense, but when the bonds were strong enough, it worked no matter what obstacles were thrown in someone’s path.” ~~ S. E. Babin (Book: Out of Practice Aphrodite)

OK, it was time to read something for fun (again). The title of the book seems funny along with the blurb.

Yes, I thought, I would like to read modern day tale of the Greek Gods, not that I have read many in this genre.

So let’s find out more about ‘Out of Practice Aphrodite’….

Genre: Fantasy Cozy Mystery.

Main Characters: Aphrodite.

‘Out of Practice Aphrodite by S. E. Babin’ ~~ Synopsis:

Aphrodite ‘Abby’ has been living on earth for years and loves it. She’s not planning to go back to Olympus any time soon because of all the politics there.

Life is good on the earth. But one day, for some weird unknown reason, Abby gets drunk and exposes her real identity to a crowd of humans.

There’s no way such a mistake would go unnoticed or unpunished. So when Zeus comes to announce her punishment, Abby wonders what she’d have to, do get out of the tricky situations.

As per Zeus, Abby wouldn’t have to do much. Since she’s the Goddess of Love, all she has to do is to make a love match and that’s it.

If she refused to do it, she would have to spend the rest of her life with her ex husband and Hades. That’s one punishment Aphrodite cannot take. She’s ready to do whatever it would take to keep her from her worst nightmare.

There’s no way she’d willingly go to live in the underworld with Hades or her grumpy ex husband for the rest of her life. So she agrees to make the match. But from where Abby is looking that’s too easy a punishment or none at all, for what she’s done.

It’s no secret that Zeus always has an ulterior motive and she’s wondering what his agenda this time around.

But before that she needs to get to the place where the lovebirds are. There’s also a small issue of her powers going not working properly for a while and she doesn’t want her friends Keto and Artemis to find out.

When she gets to the town where she would find the potential love birds, she finds out that the match isn’t going to be an easy one to make.

Zeus conveniently forgot to tell her that she’d have to find a way to get the demi-gods their HEA. Something that has not been done for ages and now that one of the candidates is dead, Abby isn’t sure what she’s signed up for.

Soon she and her friends realize that their mission is not a simple matchmaking. As it turns out the Goddess of Chaos wants to overtake the Olympus and Abby is in the middle of a war.

She would have to find out in time the relic Eris has stolen and retrieve it for the safety of everyone around – Gods and Humans alike. Zeus may not be an outstanding ruler, but having Eris as a ruler would be dangerous for everyone.

In all the chaos, her life has decided to go awry as well. Her ex, the God of War Ares has come back in her life for some reason, then there’s Hermes and a human lawman Marshall to keep her confused.

There seems to be no shortage of men or trouble in her life all of a sudden.


In the beginning I enjoyed the story. It has its funny moments and it’s interesting.

But as you continue with the story, the humor fades away and the story begins to drag, something that doesn’t make for an interesting read.

After a while the story begins to take a complicated and serious turn too, and I started wondering if that’s what I had signed up for.

Then there’s an issue of Marshall’s character first finding out Aphrodite and her friends hiding place way too easily. I’m wondering how he did that.

Also, what happened after Aphrodite flashed her real self during a concert?  

Despite the issues ‘Out of Practice Aphrodite’ managed to keep my interest till the end. I’m considering reading the next installment soon, so that’s a good sign.

‘Out of Practice Aphrodite’ is a sort of Paranormal Chicklit plus Cozy Mystery. You could try it if you like a modern take on myths, but be warned it’s not all fun.

“Endangering someone’s beloved is enough to send even the most stoic of men into a deep rage.” ~~ S. E. Babin (Book: Out of Practice Aphrodite)

Hit or Miss: Hit.

Ratings: 3stars/5.

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