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Book Review: Pinkie Promises by Renea Porter

Series: Book 1 in the ‘Promises’

It’s been a long time since I read a New-Adult Romance. So when I found a shorter one, despite my reservations, I thought, let’s just give it a chance.

Let’s find out a bit more about the story of the ‘Pinkie Promises’ before moving on to the review….

Genre: New-Adult Romance.

Main Characters: Simone Rayburn, Jace Prescott.

‘Pinkie Promises by Renea Porter’ ~~ Synopsis:

After catching her ex cheating on her, Simone is feeling wary of men. The only one she trusts is her childhood best friend Jace. Jace is also her ex’s younger brother, but their friendship has survived that twist.

For a change she’s decided to invest more of her time building up her bakery instead of finding someone.

Simone likes to believe she’s over her ex and what he did. To some extent she is. She doesn’t want him back, but that doesn’t mean she wants to attend her ex’s wedding.

She’s received the wedding invite and her mother insists that Simone should attend as they have known the family for so long. Simone has no intention of torturing herself.

That’s when Jace proposes a weird solution to her problem. They should go as a couple and make his stupid older brother jealous.

Simone doesn’t want to go along with the plan, but it does seem tempting to take some sort of revenge on a man who hurt her.

Jace has always liked Simone, first as his friend and later as a crush. But before he’d make a move, Simone started dating his elder brother.

Now that they have broken up and his brother is getting married, Jace wonders if Simone would be open to the idea of giving him a chance. Also, Simone knows all about his casual dating and not getting into a committed relationship ever.

Jace could see the future with her. He knows she the only one for whom he would change his ways. He would not hurt his best friend ever. He just has no idea how to tell Simone of his feelings without jeopardizing their friendship.

But he has to do something before she finds someone else and moves on in life again without him. That’s why he proposes the idea of pretending to be a couple for his brother’s wedding.

Maybe while pretending she’d take the hint that they are good together.


I should cut to the chase and say it – ‘Pinkie Promises’ is a terrible novella.

The story is underdeveloped, along with the main characters. The plot is too sweet, something the author has mentioned, but I didn’t read it before starting reading as I don’t read blurbs. 

Yet did I mention the plot is too sweet? It is so sweet that there’s no conflict. A story without a conflict could be a good read, but this one isn’t one of those good stories.

Of course, the shortness of the story adds to its unhinged-ness. The author fails to bring anything new to the story or twist it to make it seem a bit new or hers.

There’s a lack of emotions in the story. No surprises, the plot is too short to develop into anything. I’m doubtful if ‘Pinkie Promises’ would have been worth the time if it were a novel. It probably would have been terrible as well.

Then the author’s writing style isn’t much interesting either. An experienced and talented author could have written something like this well-exploited idea better.


How would anyone ‘shed a tear or two’ when connecting with characters is so difficult? Blame it on one dimensional character development. I couldn’t sympathize with Simone.

The plot moves so fast towards the finish line that I’m surprised that I remembered enough to write this review.

There’s no question of enjoying a same old story, packed in such a careless and unemotional manner.  

My impression of novellas is pretty bad anyways. Then I read ‘Pinkie Promises’ kinds of stories and I don’t want to read novellas ever again.

I have read a couple of good ones, so I give these books at least a try. But this book has also taught me the importance of deleting such books from my Kindle instantly instead of wasting my time reading them.

My Kindle would surely thank me later and I’d be thankful for not wasting my time either.

You wouldn’t miss much if you decide not to read ‘Pinkie Promises’. Actually, you’d save your one hour from wasting. It could be invested in something else or reading a book that’s worth the time.

Hit or Miss: Risk Alert!

Ratings: -1star/5.

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