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BOOK REVIEW: Price On Their Heads By Jeff Posey

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How many political thrillers do I read every year? I thought after starting reading this book. I’d remember just one book. Without opening any documents containing information on the books I read.

This is the second political thriller I have read since I started reviewing books. I guess I have another book in this genre that I downloaded in 2013. I need to find it and soon, hopefully I’d read it.

Genre: Fiction/Political Thriller

‘Price On Their Heads By Jeff Posey’ ~~ Synopsis:

In a dramatic turn of events Jackie Key’s elder brother murders a rich man.

After the death of the rich man, Jackie gets full-scholarship and goes on to become an economics professor.

Jackie, after years of research, comes up with a theory that calculates how splitting rich people’s wealth is good for the health of the country’s economy and public in general.

Jackie also makes a list of people, who are way too rich. Somehow the list leaks online and earns itself a name ‘hit list’. Someone even kills a rich man from the list.

Soon Jackie’s theory and the ‘hit list’ upset enough rich and influential people in the country that they want to stop the publication of his research.

All Jackie wants is to publish his research, have a debate and a possibility of a constitutional amendment to dissolve the concentration of wealth in a few people’s hands.

Instead, Jackie finds himself, in the middle of a chaos, running away to save his life along with his new reporter friend Maura.

Maura, who met Jackie to interview him, has her own agenda which she conceals well till the right time arrives.

Life takes another turn when Maura and Jackie self publishes his research and all of a sudden all hell breaks loose.

On one side, Jackie’s nomination for a Noble Prize, thanks to his research and powerful people’s reaction to it.

And on the other side, rich people and maybe government want him dead.

To add to the chaos Jackie’s elder brother Jamie returns. Jamie had disappeared, after killing the rich man.

Though, Jamie helps Jackie and Maura stay hidden. Yet, Jackie’s not sure if he can trust Jamie and his crazy way of handling situations.

Most of the times, Jamie adds to the chaos and confusion instead of solving much.

My Views:

All the action, twists and turns, suspense and the ‘mayhem’ kept me too intrigued to think much. A good sign!

One small detail did nag me, but only when I started writing the review:

Why would a rich man who hates poor (as told in the book) left full-scholarship to Jackie?

If you like, you can stop reading to think about:

‘The richest one percent owns more than a third of the nation’s total wealth. Worldwide, just eighty-five individuals control as much wealth as the three-point-five billion poorest souls—that’s half the global population. And each of those trends is getting worst, not better.’ ~~ Jeff Posey (Book: Price On Their Heads– A Novel Of Income Inequality And Mayhem)

This reminded me of an article I was reading few months ago, stating something similar. Now that’s something to think about.


Worth every minute I spent reading the book!

With all the twists and turns, suspense and conspiracy theory, you’d enjoy reading ‘Price On Their Heads’ if you’re a political thriller fan.

(Note: It’s a review of ARC I received from the author for my honest view.)

Happy Reading!

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