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Book Review: Prior Engagements by Sarah Goodwin

“No matter what anyone says, your parent’s home is always your home, even if you move miles and miles away.” ~~ Sarah Goodwin (Book: Prior Engagements)

My same old craving for reading something light and fun lead me to ‘Prior Engagements’ and the blurb promised fun, so I continued.

Let’s find out how much fun ‘Prior Engagements’ is…

Genre: Chick-Lit Romance.

Main Characters: Annie Bea.

‘Prior Engagements by Sarah Goodwin’ ~~ Synopsis:

Annie is still trying her best, personally and financially, to get over her ex’s betrayal just before their wedding years ago. She is still angry with her ex and is still paying all the money that went into organizing their wedding with no help from him.

Life isn’t turning out as she wanted. She wanted to get married, have a husband and a couple of kids. To add to her misery she’s in dating hell and has not dated for a while.

One day she meets a man named Dorian at work and helps him find the suit he’s looking for to attend his ex fiancée’s wedding. He is in need of a girlfriend as his current girlfriend left him just before his ex fiancée’s wedding and he doesn’t want to show up alone.

Their woes are almost similar and when the guy asks Annie to become his pretend girlfriend for the wedding function Annie agrees. What’s the harm in it?

They soon realize that it’s too much fun to be around each other or rather Annie. Something neither has had in a while. So they make another impromptu decision to get married as their carefully crafted plans so far have only resulted in mayhem and misery in their lives.

They elope to Vegas and get married. Dorian leaves for NY to sort out work and promises to stay in touch and Annie happily goes back to her life looking forward to start her married life in a few weeks time.

Annie is fine with her decision to marry a total stranger. She may not know Dorian as she knew her ex, but he seems like a decent guy. Something he proves over the weeks.

Everything seemed fine until her colleague-cum-friend and then her mother points out that her best friend Will is in love with her for years. Annie is sure that’s not true, till she realizes that she’s the only one you didn’t see it.

Needless to say Will isn’t happy with Annie’s sudden decision to marry some stranger she met at work. There was always chemistry between them, something at least Annie dismissed until she couldn’t dismiss it at all.

All of a sudden, she’s feeling conflicted. Should she do the right thing i.e. to try to make her new marriage work or go for what she’s wanted for a long time?

But in the end she does the right thing and moves to US to live with Dorian, even if their life together is boring and it seems most days they rather avoid each other than try to know each other.

She’s not just married a stranger, but a stranger who is rich, hordes unnecessary items in his house, has a snooty ex and crazy family members. Annie begins craving the familiarity of her home.


So I enjoyed reading ‘Prior Engagements’ and it’s a funny story. Unlike so many other Chick-Lit novels out there that are funny only in parts, ‘Prior Engagements’ is dull only in parts — meaning most of the time the events happening in Annie’s life are funny.

The secondary characters are funny as well. Yet I just didn’t get along with the story all that much. It’s a case of its good and all, but I don’t know.

Maybe because of the too much description that sometimes slowed down the story’s pace. I liked Annie and all the secondary characters, which is rare. I liked Annie’s mother who sends police sometimes at Annie’s doorstep just because. 😀

There are no villains or rather the author doesn’t give anyone that label, which is a mature handling of a story. I liked it. After all, the life isn’t always black and white and sometimes people are just different not wrong or right.

What troubled me was my own disconnect with the story that’s pretty good read. Anyways, you may enjoy reading ‘Prior Engagements’ more than I did.

Hit or Miss: Hit.

Ratings: 3stars/5.

Buy: Amazon

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