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Book Review: Raise Your Line by Robert Stevenson

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dating laws in ny “The sideline is not where you want to be. Get in the game. Learn the necessary skills and have the courage to be a player.” ~~ Robert Stevenson (Book: Raise Your Line)

I saw the book on my Kindle and thought ‘it’s been a long time since I read a self-help book’. It’s time to read it and upload a review (if I’d finish the book) and I did finish it. 😉 Lessons from ‘Raise Your Line by Robert Stevenson’

binäre optionen banc de swiss demokonto Lesson 1: Believe In Yourself!

Believe in yourself, your dreams and your vision for your future. Only then start working towards achieving them.

Your belief in yourself and your vision would determine how far you’d go, not other people’s belief in you. Anyway, people begin to (or rather boost about it later) believe in you, when you’ve proven the validity of your idea.  

If you don’t believe in yourself, you might not go too far. Also, if you can’t convince yourself that your idea is good, then how are you going to convince other people?

Before you’d convince someone else to back up your ideas, you have to believe in own ideas.

You should be your number 1 fan! The best part about being your own fan is you’d not have to depend on anyone’s motivational words.

Whether anyone motivates you or not, when you believe in yourself, you simply continue towards your goals. - Scopri cosa sono le opzioni binarie, come si attua una negoziazione, sono una forma di trading online o un vero e proprio gioco d Lesson 2: People Challenging Your Ideas are a Good Sign:

If no one is challenging your idea in your company, it means you’ve either created a culture where people are scared to question the status-quo or you are surrounded by flatterers.

In both cases, sooner or later, you’d end up with a crisis situation in your hands.

Both are undesirable situations and chances are high you’re business would not survive for too long either.

You need new ideas, new perspectives to run your business as smoothly as possible. No one person has a monopoly over good ideas or solutions or could come up with good ideas all the time.

So if someone challenges your idea, take it as a positive sign as you have the chance to improve your idea and then work on it. Even if someone’s feedback does not add much value, but it’d still matter that you, at least, heard them.

Creating a healthy environment for the discussion of the ideas in your company, would benefit your company.

Sometimes someone asking ‘why’ at the right time could save you lots of time and resources that might have been wasted on executing an idea that’s not worth it.


follow site Lesson 3: Don’t Accept Other People’s Views Without Researching:

Don’t gossip as it’s an idle activity and won’t help you reach your goal. Once you have identified people who gossip or only loves to complain about anything or everything, leave their company.

Second, don’t believe anything about someone just because someone said it, if you’ve not met that person yourself. (This one I don’t think most people are capable of. They rather believe a gossip than do their own research. It’s an easier option.)

Gossips have an over-active imagination and they can weave stories about people even without meeting the subject of their discussion.

Gossips have too much time to waste on their hands and if you’d allow they would waste your time as well. They could also provoke you to pick fights with people without a cause.

Even if the person isn’t a gossip, still do your own research. You never know, you might actually like the person. Either way, it’s good to form your own opinion only after doing your research.

Same goes for people’s advice on how to do things. Do your own research.

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strategia na opcje binarne Lesson 4: Don’t Spend Too Much Time Online:

This lesson is getting too common and I have read it in a few books since 2015. I even came across this suggestion while reading a book on writing.

Needless to say spending too much time online isn’t beneficial for you nor is it for your business or whatever work you do.

When you are running an online business, it’s too easy to think that you’re doing some work, even when all you did was chat to someone about some random topic.

Have a schedule for your online activities and train yourself to not get distracted by World Wide Web. Learn to use the Internet for the benefit of your business and not to waste time.

go to link “Never confuse activity with accomplishment.” ~~ Robert Stevenson (Book: Raise Your Line) Lesson 5: How to Make Your Employees Participate in a Way That Benefits the Larger Goal:

There are some really good ideas in the book on how you as an employer could promote more employees’ participation.

Especially, when it comes to encouraging them to come forward with new ideas and improvements in plans & ideas.

Most people hesitate to share their ideas or what they think is wrong with a certain idea as they believe, it’d be seen as a challenge to the authority.

A few people like to engage in confrontations. Your employees rather avoid it altogether because of the status-quo.   

To encourage employees’ participation, get a poll done anonymously, so that they could share their views without fearing retribution of any kind from anyone.

If you want your business to grow, then you’d have to pay attention to your employees and make them feel part of making the company successful.


clindamycin gel online Lesson 6: Read an Inspiring Book or Something Inspiring in the Morning:

This one I have read about somewhere online (don’t remember where) too.

Instead of wasting your morning time surfing the Internet over your phone, consider reading a self-help/inspirational or quotes or maybe meditate or spend time with yourself thinking or writing.

Do something that would inspire you, energize you, make you think good thoughts and not spoil your mood with information overload or information that you don’t want to know about in the morning or even need ever.

When you open Internet in the morning, you don’t know or rather you cannot control what kind of information would hit you. Don’t read anything that has the potential to make you feel bad in the morning.

You’d also utilize that time to make a schedule for the day.

Another benefit of this practice is, the less time you spend staring at the screen the more you save your eyes from straining. In short, avoiding Internet is also good for health.

myambutol bijsluiter 40mg Want To Know How Good Your Companies Customer Care Is?

prix dulcolax 5 mg “If you want to find out how good your company is, call it with a problem.” ~~ Robert Stevenson (Book: Raise Your Line)

In this regard all I can add is, in a perfect world the company owners would subject themselves to the pleasure of dealing with the automated customer care service of their own product. 😉


The points I found most beneficial are listed above. If you like you’d find your own points in the book.

Some information I found new in the book, which is a good sign. As one gets bored reading the same old information in almost all self-help books.

This is the second book where the author shares poetry to make his point.

The first one I came across is ‘I Bought the Monk’s Ferrari’ and now this one ‘Raise Your Line‘.

I like this trend of getting your point across via poems, as I love reading poems. But somehow these days I’m not able to free time for them exclusively.

It’s a book for both, employers and employees, so could be beneficial to both to read.

Minus Points:

For those tiny fancy boxes in the end of chapters. In Kindle they require a microscope to view.

I understand they look good on a paperback, but in the ebook, they are eye soars.

If you’re a motivational book junkie, then you may like ‘Raise Your Line’.

Hit or Miss: Hit

Rating: 3stars/5

Buy: Amazon

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