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Book Review: Ready to Were by Robyn Peterman Series: Book 1 in the ‘Shift Happens’.

I should have started with ‘Fashionably Dead’, but this one I ended up finding first during my Kindle search for something new to read.

When I look at these kinds of covers, I expect humor. The blurb seems to suggest at humor. But it’s such a subjective thing, I can’t say without reading the story.

So let’s find out how is ‘Read to Were’….

go Genre: Paranormal Romance; Urban Fantasy.

follow site Main Characters: Essie McGee, Hank Wilson.

go to site ‘Ready to Were by Robyn Peterman’ ~~ Synopsis:

Essie finds her soul mate right after she finishes college. But she runs away from home when she finds out that he’s cheating on her.

After that episode, she is not planning to go back home anytime soon and face her ex cheating boyfriend.

Anyway, life is good. She is a successful agent with the Werewolf Treaty Federation (WTF) in Chicago. She’s living her life on her terms and is happy with her new life in general.


Her boss assigns Essie on a mission to find missing were-females in her hometown. She’d go there under the pretense of getting a modeling contract with the suspect modeling agency in her hometown.

The council suspects foul play there, but has not been able to figure out what’s wrong.

Essie’s concerned for the missing girls as she knows them. She wants to help find them alive or what happened to them.

The only thing she does not want to do is go back to the Hung Island, Georgia ever again if possible.

The idea of facing Hank and there’s a possibility of seeing him with someone else is not a pleasant one.

She’s still hurting and angry, no matter how she likes to tell herself otherwise. She also knows there’s a possibility she’d have to work with Hank. He’s the sheriff of the town and the local pack alpha.

But Essie does not have a choice. It’s decided that she’s the one who will handle the case and that’s it.

So Essie reluctantly begins her journey towards her home town with her new best vampire friend Dwayne. Soon it becomes clear that she still wants Hank.

How she’s going to work with him on the case when he’s spread the rumor that she’s come back to mend their broken relationship?

A year ago, Essie ran away from him without telling him the reason. Now that she’s back, Hank wants to make sure that she not just tells him why she ran. But in the end also decides to stay with him.

But she’s refusing to talk and he doesn’t know how else he’d know about what’s bothering her.

source Review:

Yay! ‘Ready To Were’ turned out to be a quick and fun read. Just like ‘Switching Hour’.

‘Ready to Were’ is also novella length like ‘Switching Hour’. I don’t like novellas, most of the time.

But these two are certainly different because they are funny. So they managed to change my opinion at least of them.  

There’s not much information on Essie’s love for Prada and that’s the part I liked the best.

It’s getting boring to read one kind of character showing up in different books masquerade sometimes as a vampire, witch etc. 😉

I loved the secondary characters, Dwayne and Essie’s grandmother, a lot. They are highly entertaining.

The story has almost everything in a little dose like love, lust, funny, danger and a bit of crazy.

After reading these three books I’m proud owner of some new very colorful (expletive) words. 😀

Anyway, for a light and fun-filled weekend read, you can try Ms. Peterman books, if you’re not easily offended.

relative age dating of sedimentary rocks Hit or Miss: Hit.

hook up duplex receptacle Ratings: 3stars/5.

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