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Book Review: Revelations of the Night Before by Lynn Raye Harris Series: Book 2 in ‘The D’Angeli Family’.

I remembered reading ‘The Prince’s Royal Concubine’, twice and it’s good. So it made sense to pick this one without bothering to read the blurb.

benfotiamine 200mg ibuprofen Let’s find out more about ‘Revelations of the Night Before by Lynn Raye Harris’….

lioresal costo 2014 binary option btc Genre: Contemporary Romance, Mills and Boon Novels.

finasteride 5mg for alopecia Main Characters: Valentina ‘Tina’ D’Angeli, Niccolo Gavretti. ‘Revelations of the Night before by Lynn Raye Harris’ ~~ Synopsis:

Valentina attended a masquerade ball just for a night of fun along with her friend and ends up spending the night with a mysterious stranger.

They decide not to share names or even get rid of the mask to see each other’s face. The arrangement suited both. But in the morning out of curiosity Tina slips the mask to see the face of the stranger.

She’s shocked to find that the stranger her elder’s brother’s ex-best friend Niccolo Gavretti. Tina ran away, hoping not to meet him again, even by an accident.  

But not meeting him is not an option, not after Tina finds out that she’s pregnant. So she decides to contact Niccolo.

She wants to at least inform him as she doesn’t want her child to grow up without knowing his father.

Tina’s mother never told her who her father is and Tina feels terrible about not knowing.

All hell breaks loose when Tina finds Niccolo and informs him of her pregnancy.

At first he doesn’t believe Tina as unlike her, he didn’t see her face. But he did try to find her afterwards.

Another thought enters Niccolo’s head that maybe it’s Tina’s brother’s plan to ruin him in some manner. After all, they have not been on cordial terms for a while now.  

Niccolo doesn’t trust anyone other than himself. If anything he’s learned from the absence of his parents from his life is to only trust himself. No one loved him so he thinks no one can.

When he calms down, he decides that marrying Tina is the best option in the present circumstance.

Also, marrying Tina will prevent her brother from going after Niccolo’s business. A business that’s already falling apart, thanks to the damage his father had done. 

site rencontre franco portugais Review:

I like the author’s writing style and the way story moves smoothly.

Sadly, this time I didn’t like the story as much as I was expecting.

Nothing wrong with the plot, there’s high-tension, drama, conflict of emotions, past demons to fight and win over, learning to love and making peace with the past etc….

All in all a story one would enjoy reading. But the stories with a plot like this one do not interest me.

Now I don’t remember the name of the book that had the same plotline. Back then I liked reading the story because it’s the first one I had read.

But then I read a couple of more and found that this isn’t my type of plotline.

The story isn’t my ‘cup of tea’ because I rarely like stories where the hero ‘kidnaps’ heroine and blackmails her into marrying him, irrespective of the reasons. In which heroines are fool enough to be fooled.

I picked the book only because of the author and the tantalizing title.  If only I had invested a couple of minutes reading the blurb, I probably would have left it.

Anyways, it was still a good read and after a while I started enjoying reading it. If you like these kinds of plots, then it’s the one for you!

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