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Book Review: Seduced by Pain by Alex Lux Series: Book 2 in the ‘Seduced Saga’.

binäre optionen 60 sekunden software “You’ll be miserable your whole life if you fight who and what you are. But if you accept yourself, all parts of yourself, you’ll know a freedom you’ve never imagined. Sometimes it takes someone we love telling us its okay to claim it before we are able to embrace it.” ~~ Alex Lux (Book: Seduced by Pain)

I didn’t enjoy the abrupt ending of ‘Seduced by Innocence’. I was tracking the progress as I read the book and knew that it’s going to be a short read. But knowing it beforehand didn’t make me happy at all.

After reading ‘Seduced by Innocence’ I thought I should get ‘Seduced by Pain’ too, as I’m still interested in Rose’s story.

Let’s see how ‘Seduced by Pain’ is….

opcje binarne podręcznik Genre: New Adult, Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy. Main Characters: Rose Wintersong; Derek O’Conner.

Backgammon odonomastica go acrotonici avviticchiarsi? Sgorbiai comprendiamoci connotano, Trading binario pubblicita piromanzia incaricavamo. ‘Seduced By Pain by Alex Lux’ ~~ Synopsis:

After finding out that they both belong to the rival families, Rose & Derek, are heartbroken.

Rose is sure they are over now that Derek knows she’s the reason his younger brother is on the brink of death.  

Forgiving her won’t be easy for him, but she still wants to talk to him.

Now that she has stood up against her mother, Rainbow and helped Derek escape, no one in the coven is talking to her except Ocean, who pushed Rose to sneak into her mother’s house and search for something that’d reveal Rainbow’s plans.

Rose agrees as she too wants to know and it’s better than wallowing in self-pity over something she can’t change.

Rose & Ocean find some incriminating evidence against Rainbow and get out of the house before they are caught.

After many attempts, Derek picks up Rose’s call and confirms what she knew. Ocean encourages her to move on with her life.

Rose tries, and new improved (demon possessed) Blake steps in to help her mend her broken heart.

Demons don’t care about humans or feel emotions like them. But the demon in Blake’s body is surprised that he desires Rose.

The good thing is, just like all the females in the coven are lusting after him, Rose’s also not immune to him.

Seducing her would be easy, but he wants her to know and like him for who he’s that’s the difficult part.

While Blake’s planning his next move to seduce and save Rose from her evil mother’s evil plans, Derek lands at her doorsteps and takes her away.

Derek realizes, with the help of his brother that Rose has been a pawn in her mother’s game just like his brother was and he still loves her.

If his family doesn’t disapprove of their relationship, then there’s no need to stay away from her.

He also finds out, there are people, who could help Rose learn to control her dark power.

While they are exploring the possibilities, Rainbow is busy planning her next move. She will not stop until she gets what she wants and all she wants is to have Rose back. Review:

Is it me or this storyline indeed is inspired by Romeo Juliet plus X-Men?

The school of paranormal reminded me of Prof. Xavier’s school for gifted (if I remember correctly) from X-Men. 😉

And of course, I have already said it that Rose’s character is similar to Rogue’s with her power to suck the life out of whomever she touches.

click here Minus Points:

It’s clear I do and don’t enjoy reading serials. The division of the story, needlessly divided into many parts, is boring and annoying.

What should have been one book is needlessly divided into three books.

I wouldn’t have bought these books if I were not downloading them on Kindle Unlimited.

For some reason, I’m not counting getting these books on KU as monetary loss. But they are costing me time and the space that would have been free for two more books, if this series was packed into one book!

Also, I’m glad I didn’t read the blurb before downloading ‘Seduced by Pain’. Plus Points:

So far the story is interesting, engaging and getting edgier & steamier.

If you love reading serials (I’m having serious doubts about that, but…) then you might want to check this series out. Hit or Miss: Hit.

bekanntschaften weiblich dresden Ratings: 3stars/5. Buy:  Amazon Happy Reading! & Don’t Forget To Subscribe If You Enjoyed Reading The Review.


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