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Book Review: Self Helpless by Rachel Hall “To live a Better Life imagine you have the most loving and thoughtful best friend in the world. Imagine how they would support, encourage and comfort you. Now treat yourself that way.” ~~ Rachel Hall (Book: Self Helpless)

The words in the byline ‘self-help survival’ got my attention, so I started reading ‘Self Helpless’ instantly after downloading it.

Something about it said, it’s going to be funny.

Let’s find out what ‘Self Helpless’ is about….

follow Genre: Chick-Lit. Main Characters: Jenny Peterson.

como ligar con un chico mas joven que tu ‘Self Helpless by Rachel Hall’ ~~ Synopsis:

Jenny’s life isn’t going as she wants it to. She has a little more than a weight problem or even pimples issues sometimes.

She is obsessed with self-help books and owns quite a lot of them. All in hopes, that one day, one of the books would help her find happiness.

But how to feel better about her when she works in a fashion industry and her best-friend-cum-business-partner Livia is a walking perfection, with perfect everything.

Till date Jenny hasn’t found that magical self-help book that would make everything okay. That does not mean she’s not searching.

So like always she visits Barnes & Noble to get another self-help book, when she meets a cute guy named Brice.

Jenny likes Brice a lot more when he shows more interest in her than Livia. He also recommends a book that he thinks might help her.

Jenny is not sure if the suggested book would be of any help to her as it does not look anything like the ones she reads. And she may be losing interest and belief in them anyways.

But since it’s recommended by a cute guy, she takes it. 😀

Meeting him, maybe also solve one of Jenny’s problem’s that is finding a guy to date.

But there are still big problems, she needs to deal with like: 1. She’s a proud owner of a business. The only trouble is they have yet to make a profit and pay themselves. It seems their business is thriving, but where the profits are going, they don’t know.

follow 2. Her parents want her to either start paying them rent for staying their house or move out or even better start working in their accounting firm. And stop pretending to run a business.

Saying, they don’t understand Jenny & her business is an understatement.

Jenny is feeling pressurized and for a moment, even considers getting out of the business.

How long she, not Livia, could wait for their business to become profitable?

Whether they would make money or not, does not matter to Livia as she’s married to a millionaire. But it matters to Jenny, more than ever before.

Brice talks Jenny out of letting go of her dream project and encourages her to check the books to find the fault before closing it.

He also wants to meet her. But Jenny has other pressing matters to attend to, like meeting Livia’s husband in secret. Not because they are having an affair but…. 3. Jenny has been in love with Livia’s husband from the day she met him at the party. But in the end, Livia got his attention and married him.

Jenny has never made any moves on Livia’s husband. But that does not mean she has moved away from her unhealthy fixation on the one that got away.

So in the name of helping him deal and understand her best friend, Jenny meets him behind her friend’s back. Even if it means not moving on with her life, and finding someone to settle down with.

go site 4. Livia seems to not take much interest in their business and Jenny has issues with Livia’s attitude. But she can’t seem to discuss the issue with Livia like as a business partner she should.

Life is a mess and Jenny begins to depend a lot on the nuggets of wisdom from the book and support from Brice.

While she tries to figure out what she wants from her life and in which direction her business is moving.

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I enjoyed reading ‘Self Helpless’. I almost didn’t read it as it sort of moves slowly, after the first chapter.

I loved the start! For some reason Jenny’s low self-esteem issues didn’t bother me. Jenny’s character, matures as the story progresses. That’s what kept me reading and Dr Plainspeaks’ wisdom. 😀

Even if I didn’t like her foolishness in the end, but that I can overlook after all it’s a Chicklit not a romance novel.

But if reading about cheating is an issue with you, then consider yourself forewarned.

click “Never judge your behavior by how others might react to it. To live a Better Life, judge it on its own merits. You simply need to decide whether or not it is a reasonable thing to do. Remember, it is not your job to keep everyone happy.” ~~ Rachel Hall (Book: Self Helpless) Hit or Miss: Hit!

source link Ratings: 3stars/5.

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