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Book Review: Someone to Love by Jude Deveraux

Series: Book 10 in the ‘Montgomery/Taggert’

I got the book because I recognized the author’s name and not because of the cover. If I had gone by the cover, it’d not have landed anywhere near my stack of books.

I don’t even know what the cover is trying to represent in this case, not that the covers are known to tell what’s inside, but still.

Anyways, let’s find out a bit about the story….

Genre: Fiction, Paranormal.

Main Characters: Jace Montgomery.

‘Someone to Love by Jude Deveraux’ ~~ Synopsis:

For three years Jace unsuccessfully tried to move on with his life after his fiancée Stacy committed suicide just few weeks before their wedding. Her death leaves not just grief, but so many answered questions that Jace is still trying to solve the mystery.

Stacy’s family afterwards started saying that she wanted to cancel the wedding, but couldn’t because she feared Jace. All the accusations are not just new to him, but are making no sense to Jace.

Before Stacy’s suicide Jace was sure they knew each other well. Afterwards, it’s apparent that there were things in her past maybe that Stacy never shared with Jace.

When he finds a cryptic note in one of her books, it’s clear to him that there was someone Stacy was going to meet in a small English village named Margate. Jace begins to wonder if the person who sent her the note is somehow connected or if that man for some reason killed Stacy.

Because no matter what her family accuses him of or try to prove that Stacy was always instable a bit, Jace couldn’t believe that Stacy killed herself. Stacy, he knew was a happy person and only problem she had been her inability to sleep for more than few hours.

So Jace sets out to find out what happened and bought an old mansion named Priory House that’s haunted by a ghost of some lady who committed suicide. Soon he finds out that the house indeed is haunted by a ghost of a lady, but she’s not like the way everyone says she is.

Jace is sure that the ghost saw something and might be able to tell him something about Stacy’s death. So he sets out on his new mission to befriend the ghost, considering the people in the house or the villagers don’t want to tell him what he wants to know.

He doesn’t want anyone to know that he’s related to Stacy as the killer might be around. As it turns out someone in the village too thinks that Stacy was killed, but no one believes that guy either. It gives Jace some hope & courage to continue with his investigation.

Soon he finds Nigh, a reporter who wants to help him with the investigations as she’s always been fascinated with the mystery of the Priory House.


After finishing reading this dull and the most idiotic ghost story ever probably, I’m sure I was in shock for a few seconds.

Apparently, the author is popular – the reason why I continued with this monstrosity in the first place. I checked on Goodreads and found to my horror that it’s an entire series. Wasn’t one enough torture?

Anyway, not my problem as I’m not going to finish another book in this dull series.

Where to start? The characters are dull and uninteresting. The dialogues are yawn inducing and all the nonsensical details that leads not to the solution are worth deleting.

Why all the prose that’s going nowhere was not deleted to give this boring story some much needed pace?

I have nothing good to say about ghosts that fail to interest or scare. The author has wasted the entire book suggesting that somehow ghosts are related to the death of Jace’s fiancé.

Consider this spoiler: The ghosts are not related to the story, could be deleted without much trouble. Those stupid ghosts did nothing for the story or to help Jace get to the killer.

And when we get to the killer it’s so anticlimactic, which to me seemed as if the author by then had lost interest in the story. I’m not even going to start on the stupidity that’s happening in the Epilogue at all.

If you ever see this book at the library or a bookshop, just read the Epilogue. That alone would make you either laugh or repulse you enough to leave the book behind. That would save your money and most important your precious time.   

Of course, I cannot forget that the prose in this book matches the word’s literal meaning – tiresome, dull and above all emotionless! I hate emotionless stories.

In the end for some weird reason Jace & Nigh ends up together. Why oh why such nonsense is suggested when there’s no need to?

Hit or Miss: Miss.

Ratings: -1star/5.

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