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Book Review: Summer at Sunset by Beth Labonte

Series: Book 2 in the ‘Summer’.

“Wishes made in the heat of the moment aren’t supposed to actually come true. What kind of a world would that be?” ~~ Beth Labonte (Book: Summer at Sunset)

Apparently, this book is a much anticipated sequel to ‘Summer at Sea’. Something I didn’t know about and I did do thorough research to find out if there’s more on Summer’s life.

I didn’t want to miss mentioning that the first book is a part of a series in my review of ‘Summer at Sea’.

It would have been nice if it’s mentioned that the ‘Summer at Sea’ is going to become a part of the series.

‘Summer at Sea’ must have been an unexpected hit, triggering a demand for an installment.

I just hope ‘Summer at Sunset’ is either better or at least won’t disappoint. Let’s see…

Genre: Chick-Lit.

Main Characters: Summer Hartwell, Graham Blenderman.

‘Summer at Sunset by Beth Labonte’ ~~ Synopsis:

Summer is getting married as she always wanted. 😉 The best part: she has won some ‘all expenses paid wedding’ contest and now she’s all set to get married in a retirement community.

Her would-be mother-in-law is helping Summer plan her big day. Summer does not know how she feels about planning her wedding with her MIL.

But she’s sure she would have gone insane if she’d planned it with her own mother.

The days are passing by smoothly and the wedding is in a week. Summer is excited. But there are few things that are almost ready to destroy her peace of mind and possibly her wedding:

1. Her parents are arriving a week earlier. And she does not want them to join the hedonist retirees in the Sunset community. Summer is not sure how she’d keep her parents away from the free flowing booze and people engaging in swingers’ party.

2. She’s almost sure her future in-laws are swingers too. But she does not know how to tell Graham about her suspicions.

3. When her parents arrive, Summer finds out that her mother is hurt over her decision to exclude her from the wedding planning.

Summer’s not expecting to feel guilty about not including her mother in the planning. But she begins to feel bad. Until….

4. She sees her wedding dress that she left with her parents.

5. Almost all the elderly women at the retirement community seem to have a crush on Graham and he does nothing to discourage them. Summer is sure those women want her out of the picture and derail her wedding.

Graham tries to reason with Summer, but she’s standing by her conspiracy theory.

How else to explain someone making changes to her wedding plans on her behalf & throwing a threatening note wrapped in a stone?

Graham does not have answers to Summer’s questions or suspicions. But he’s sure the women in the community are not conspiring against them.

Now if only Summer would believe him and let go of her conspiracy theories, constant worrying about her parents and enjoy herself a little more.


You get dual viewpoints, meaning you hear from Graham too.

Yay! My first reaction, but after reading his side of the story, I desperately only wanted to read Summer’s POV. It just didn’t work for me.

And anyways, isn’t Chick-lit genre about the heroine’s journey and her perspective and not about the hero? That’s what I understood after reading the genre for years.

This kind of POV hop happens in the New-Adult genre and it seems to be working there.

Another thing going against the story is, it seems as if it’s being dragged. It’s not flowing freely in its own rhythm like ‘Summer at Sea’ does.

‘Summer at Sunset’ I found funny, but only once in a while. It’s like all the ingredients are there, but something just isn’t clicking into place. It didn’t make me feel as if I should not stop reading it.

So I read it over the week. Good thing Summer’s parents remain as quirky and funny as in the previous installment. But that too only for a while, then they become the part of the boring crowd.

I liked that Summer started to bond with her mother, but after a while, turning her mother into a superwoman saving the day, starts coming across as fake & forced.

When you start entertaining a mean thought like ‘you should have waited for the book to go free on Kindle’, that’s when you register the extent of your disappointment with the story.

Then there’s a small matter of leaving another book for this one, that’s now out of Kindle Unlimited program. Yes, I started suffering from maybe the other story is far more interesting than this dud.

My disappointment level: High.

I had high hopes for ‘Summer at Sunset’ and it disappointed me.  

“Sometimes there is no justice in the world. Sometimes, the only way to get justice, is to make it yourself.” ~~ Beth Labonte (Book: Summer at Sunset)

Hit Or Miss: Readable.

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Ratings: 2stars/5.

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