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Book Review: Swami And Friends by R K Narayan

Genre: Young-Adult/Classics

“I’m going to use my books as a fuel in the kitchen” said Swami (from Swami and Friends by R. K. Narayan)

Just looking at the cover art and reading the title transported me back to my childhood days. No, I never watched the children’s program based on any book while growing up.

Back then I was more interested in watching the other one actually ‘Malgudi Days’ along with a couple of others. Children’s films or programs rarely attracted my attention unless it’s cartoons. 😀

But when it comes to books I read all genres without bias (most of the time). And I still refuse to watch serial/movie adaptation of a book. 😉 T.V. show or movie adaptation can never measure up to the real thing — The Book!

Another reason for choosing this book was ‘The Guide ~~ R.K. Narayan‘.

Let’s see how ‘Swami & Friends’ turns out….

Main Characters: Swaminathan ‘Swami’; Ranjam, Mani.

‘Swami And Friends by R. K. Narayan’ ~~Synopsis:

The story follows the adventures and misadventures of a ten-year old boy Swami and some of his friends, in and out of the school. Just like almost all the kids, Swami loves to play all day, even in scorching heat and hates to go to school. 😉

Swami’s small world is a whirlpool of worries at times. Swami has some friends from his school. But their groups begin to break when a new boy Rajam enrolls in their school.

Swami, just like every other boy, is in awe of Rajam and wants to befriend him. But can’t as his best friend Mani doesn’t like Rajam. Swami doesn’t want to upset Mani by befriending Rajam.

One day Mani challenges Rajam, so that Mani can settle, he’s the one who rules their class and no one else. Rajam is a clever boy and due to his tactic soon all three become friends and forms a new group; much to the annoyance of Swami’s old friends.

(A transition almost everyone can relate to as it happens quite often in childhood. You are with one group of friends and sometimes end up with a different set.)

After forming new friendship Swami’s life changes and he starts behaving in a weird manner. In the beginning I thought Swami’s character is nice and the kind to follow rules.

How wrong I was! Swami’s character evolves fast and the story step by step becomes even more animated and entertaining. He turns into a misguided missile, making you laugh with his actions & thoughts. 😀

I was also expecting all the three friends to create a ruckus and they do. But it turns out Swami is good enough to keep you entertained and interested till the end of the story all by himself.

What Most Children Worry About:

How not to attend school the next day? What excuses you want to provide for what situation? How not to spend an entire vacation doing school assignments?

How to spend as much time playing than studying? Who to manipulate with your charms to get what you want? How not to appear like a know-it-all show off after an exam?  Phew! Too much workload for such little creatures! 😀

For a little child maneuvering all this, is not a child’s play. They have their own worries that sometimes seem like an end of the world to them.

But they also have the capability to forget all about their worries in a moment. A magic trick we, as an adults, seem to have forgotten.

I love the way story flows from scene to scene and keeps you engaged till the end of a chapter. But that’s something I know, after all this is my third book by RK Narayan after ‘The Guide‘ & ‘Malgudi Days‘.

“But there is this peculiarity about heat; it on appears to affect only those that think of it” ~~ R. K. Narayan (Swami and Friends)

Hilarious! ‘Swami and Friends’ is a keeper.

Hit or Miss: Hit!

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Ratings: 4 stars/5.

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  1. very interesting book!this book evokes memories of my childhood days,feel elated while reading the book1

  2. It’s an awesome book,.,… Read and enjoynit…. Funny and humorous as well as suspense thriller….. Imagine it childhood days as u read….

  3. Hi Manish,

    You're right! There's something special about classic books. 🙂 Thank you for taking time to visit my blog!

  4. Very nice review…me too enjoyed the book to the fullest. It surely has those nostalgic drops of dew which are bound to take you back in time. Glad I visited 🙂

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