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Book Review: The 50th Law by 50 Cent & Robert Greene

I probably would have overlooked ‘The 50th Law’ as I don’t usually browse the ‘Business’ section of the library. It should have been in the ‘Self-Help’ section.

But its cover called and I’m not good at ignoring ‘the cover art’ calls. So I answered and got the book checked out of the library. Thinking I could return it if I found it boring or something else.   

Some days I like this freedom, but only some days and those days are rare as I usually end up reading most books I start unless it’s really uninteresting.

Lessons from ‘The 50th Law by 50 Cent & Robert Greene’:

Lesson 1: Take Full Control of Your Image:

Don’t give other people to define who and what you are. Know exactly how you want others to see you and then create that image yourself. At all times remain in control of your image.

To create your image you also need to know who you really are.

Also, don’t allow your fears of unknown or other people’s perception of you to define the person you are. You are the only one who knows who you’re and who you should become.

That means at any given time you should stay true to yourself. Don’t fall for labels or allow others to trap you in labels of their choosing. To avoid getting trapped in labels, change your image to better suit the life you desire or the goal you want to reach as required.

“Understand: people will constantly attack you in life. One of their main weapons will be to instill in you doubts about yourself – your worth, your abilities, your potential. They will often disguise this as their objective opinion, but invariably it has a political purpose – they want to keep you down.” ~~ Robert Greene (Book: The 50th Law)


Lesson 2: Always Learn From Your Mistakes:

Each one of us makes mistakes. But not everyone learns from them or even remembers the lessons those mistakes teach us. Get in the habit of analyzing and learning from your mistakes and don’t repeat the same mistakes many times.

Also, if you will continue to make the same mistake again and again, then no one can save you. Needless to say it’s a waste of time and energy. It’s also wise to learn from someone else mistakes instead of wasting your time making them.


Lesson 3: Allow People To Show You Who They Are:

Just the way, you should not allow others to project their image of you onto you. In the same manner, learn to see the people as they are and not how you want them to be.

If you see people from your perspective only, then get ready to be disappointed when they will not behave as per your expectations. Don’t presume whatever you want to, about your fellow beings. Learn the art of seeing past the masks we all wear.

To know someone more, observe their actions not, their embellished words. Because…


Lesson 4: Constantly Make New Connections.

Learn to network well with people from different fields to expand not just your network, but your knowledge as well.

Expand your area of social interactions. Don’t always interact with the same group of people. Attend new events; meet new people, in short, be more outgoing to become more creative.


Lesson 5:  Find Out Your Goals Then Create A Plan To Get To Your Goal:

If you really want to reach your goals, then first you need to clearly define them. Spend some time thinking what your goals are and then think about how you’re going to achieve them.

A well-thought out plan is a must if you want to achieve your goals. It keeps you from getting distracted. You also don’t have to think what needs to be done next. Make a flexible plan.


 Lesson 6: Learn To Assert Yourself And Spot & Keep Away From Passive-Aggressors.

We all love to get our way and use different ways to get there. Some people use direct approach and some use passive aggressive methods.

Passive aggressive people could also derail you and your life plan. Spot them and don’t allow them to rule you or decide who you are or should be. Don’t allow them to drop their nonsensical dramas in your world for you to solve.

Even if you behave nicely with them, one day they’ll find something that allegedly offended them and then would attack you. To avoid them learn to spot passive aggressive people and take charge of the situation before they find some (imaginary) reason to hurt/harm you.

Here how to spot them:

“To recognize such types, look for extremes in behavior that are not natural—too kind, to ingratiating, too moral.” ~~ Robert Greene (Book: The 50th Law)


What to do after spotting them:

The only way to treat these types (passive aggressive) is to take bold, uncompromising action that either discourages further nonsense or sends them running away.” ~~ Robert Greene (Book: The 50th Law)


 Lesson 7: Learn To Accept And Review The Criticism/Feedback You Get:

There’s so much intolerance towards getting a feedback. Most people are scared of getting feedback. Some people become overly sensitive and want to forget about the feedback.

What they don’t understand is, without feedback of some kind it’s difficult to continue to improve your work. To become best in your field you must continue to improve your work.

So next time if someone leaves some feedback on your work, try to see it objectively. You can achieve some level of objectivity by detaching your feelings from your work. It’s not easy, but detachment from your work is needed for the sanity of your own mind and betterment of your work.

Most of us react negatively to feedback/criticism because we love what we are creating and want other people to love it too.

Unfortunately, not everyone is programmed to love our creations. And it’s okay that is if you want to improve your work and master it.

If you find the criticism useful then make the necessary changes to your work. Don’t take it to heart and sulk or curse the person. If you know that the said feedback is an attempt to pull you down then ignore the words.


“Few people have the wisdom to prefer the criticism that would do them good, to the praise that deceives them.” ~~ François de la Rochefoucauld


Lesson 8: Take Time to Know Your Audience.

You should always take time to find out what it is your audience wants. What problems they have and if the solution you’re providing is good enough or even solving your targeted audience’s issues.

If you’re selling a product that your audiences don’t need, and then don’t blame them for your failure. Also, don’t waste your time trying to please everyone, not everyone is your audience.  


Lesson 9: Be Persistent. Master Your Art or the Work You Do. Don’t Look For Short-Cuts. Unfortunately There Aren’t Any.

This one is another suggestion. If you want to achieve success or reach your goal (whatever it is) then be persistent in your efforts and do the work needed.

There are lots of people, who continue to ignore this advice and are looking for a solution that would turn them into “someone” overnight.

This also reminds me of people I keep encountering. People, who keep asking if there’s money in writing/blogging so they can, decide if it’s worth leaving their (boring/hateful) jobs.

Of course, there’s money in these professions. But the questions remain:

Are you willing and ready to do all the hard work that’s required? Can you handle the uncertainty that comes with jumping into uncertain professions? Are you ready to fail and not complain?

You must continuously and diligently work towards your goal. You might not be successful in a fortnight. Sometimes even be ready to leave your project and find something else.


Minus Points:

Okay, so I found most of the content in the book quite inspiring, thought-provoking and worth remembering. But there are few issues like: repetition of 50 Cent’s biography. Not sure if it’s there to make you memorize it or just to fill the pages.

Also, if you’re picking this book because you want to read 50 Cent’s biography/autobiography then get ready to be disappointed.

To read 50 Cent’s biography you’d have to find the other book.

Also, read if you’re sick of reading books that are always preaching ‘toxic niceness.’


“Most people can’t handle boredom. That means they can’t stay on one thing until they get good at it. And they wonder why they’re unhappy.” ~~ 50 Cent (Book: The 50th Law)


Hit or Miss: Hit.

Ratings: 3stars/5.

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