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Book Review: The Crown by Kiera Cass

Series: Book 5 in ‘The Selection’.

“It’s easy to make decisions about other people’s lives when you don’t have to live them.” ~~ Kiera Cass (Book 5: The Crown)

I didn’t enjoy reading ‘The Heir’ and didn’t want to start ‘The Crown’. But I’m certainly into torturing myself so I decided to finish this one too and the series.

And promised myself not to get my hands on any other book left in this series next time I visit the library.

I don’t like the cover of this book.

Anyway, let’s see how ‘The Crown’ is….

Genre: Young-Adult Romance, Dystopia.

Main Characters: Edalyn.

‘The Crown by Kiera Cass’ ~~ Synopsis:

After her mother suffers from a heart attack, Edalyn thinks it’s time to move on to the next level in the Selection.

So she eliminates almost all of the guys she believes she does not like much and gets to the next level called the Elite.

The five guys left are the ones she likes and maybe one of them would be able to become her prince by the time the Selection ends.

But she’s not sure how she’s going to manage everything now that her mother is sick and her father isn’t paying much attention to the work.

Maxon appoints Edalyn as a ruler until he gets back to work.  And Edalyn quickly realizes that running a country is a tough job.

There are also people amongst the counselors who don’t think she’s capable of running a country at her age. With the help of some of her father’s loyal friends, she manages to get through the worst.

Soon Edalyn comes up with another idea; maybe she should be allowed full control and be declared Queen. Her father agrees and soon it’s announced that Edalyn will be Queen soon.

The pressure to find a partner increases and solve her people’s problems increases. Edalyn is determined to find solutions to her new problems.

She finds an unexpected friend in Marid Illea. Marid is more aware of public’s problems than Edalyn, so she decides to go along with his idea to meet some of the representatives of the people to discuss their issues.

Later on she finds Marid is dropping hints that they are more than friends and the Selection is a charade.

Edalyn doesn’t pay much attention to his stunt as she’s made up her mind to only find someone from the Elite.

Once again the unexpected happens and she eliminates two of the Elite from the Selection. She likes the three guys left, but not enough to marry either one of them.

There’s someone she’s falling for. But she’s not sure if she’d break a rule just for her happiness and make people hate her even more.

Then there’s Marid, who’s creating problems for her and she needs to get married as soon as possible.


I still have nothing good to say about Edalyn or her story, other than that it’s hyper-stupid. Maybe instead of calling it names I should count its flaws instead….

Flaw 1: Edalyn:

In ‘The Heir’ Edalyn isn’t a character one likes instantly. It takes time and even after understanding some things about her, liking her is a struggle. She’s immature and not a good fit to become a ruler.

Something she proves in ‘The Crown’. So the author tries to force (that’s how it seems) Edalyn to mature within in a few days and falls short.

As almost no one that immature matures within a few days or maybe only when they have a near death experience.

Edalyn’s character is too selfish to mature within days. Then in the end without thinking (trademark of Edalyn) she decides to turn monarchy into a constitutional monarchy. Who runs a country like that?

Anyway, till the end she has no idea why people hate her. As I said, she’s immature, not fit to run anything other than her own life for a while.

Flaw 2: Dummy King:

Maxon remains an idiot in this one too.

Edalyn: I think it’s time you hand over the crown to me because the entire country loves their present rulers but hate me. That means I would make for a better queen.

Maxon: OMG! You’re so right! Take the crown, it’s so heavy anyways. (sigh of relief)

The author managed better last time when she’d killed Maxon’s parents in ‘The One’. That automatically made him King, irrespective of his age and rampant stupidity.

That seems like a much better way to ascend to the throne in this stupid series than what happened in ‘The Crown’.

I don’t think any King would step down just like that without consulting anyone because his teenage daughter (not to forget a daughter who almost everyone hates in the kingdom) asks nicely.

Flaw 3: The Message.

I sometimes try to or find lessons in the books that are just for entertainment. Young-adult genre falls into the category entertainment, so I didn’t want to read too much into it.

But it seems to be giving a message that says women can’t handle power without marrying. Only immature thoughtless characters and people are not worth any kind of power position, in fiction or reality.

Flaw 4: Crowded Story, Underdeveloped Characters.

Let’s start with the crowd in the story. It’s not that there are too many forgettable characters (there are!) in this story.

There’s also too many things happening at once like people not liking Edalyn, forcing her father to leave the crown, a villain showing, some family drama, drama from secondary characters, childish solutions to serious problems etc.

I thought it’s a romance novel. But Edalyn’s story is about everything else but romance. Now I think I’m once again confused about the definition of Dystopia genre. 

Then there are the selected – the most one dimensional characters in the story. It won’t be wrong to call them shadows, which makes one of them perfect for Edalyn as finding a partner has never been her agenda.

Anyway, as a reader, you would not know much about the Selected and it seems Edalyn does not know enough about them to marry either.

Flaw 5: Rushed Ending:

The ending in the ‘The Crown’ is as rushed as it is in ‘The One.’ Both endings have one thing in common: superficiality. Maybe everyone should have been killed.

Flaw 6: Forced Love:

Edalyn and Eikko’s love for each other is also forced.

It seems Eikko is infatuated and we already know Edalyn needs to find a partner to look like a competent monarch worthy of wielding power at such a young age.

Maybe the logic goes something like this in her case: if she’d get married at eighteen then she’s capable of running a country. Quite a lot of times, marrying so young, makes for a stupid idea and not a brilliant one.

‘The Crown’ is a lost cause. Maybe should have been named ‘The Clown’ as that’s how Edalyn seems like after a while.

Apparently, there’s more to this dead story as there are more books in this series. But I’m done torturing myself and wasting my time. I haven’t wasted my money on this nonsense, but time is most precious.

I would rather find something good to read.  

Note: Since my patience levels are not infinite and they have been abused beyond what I think reasonable from now onwards points will run into minus.

“Maybe it’s not the first kisses that are supposed to be special. Maybe it’s the last one.” ~~ Kiera Cass (Book 5: The Crown)

Hit or Miss: Waste of time plus paper.

Ratings: -1stars/5.

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