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Book Review: The Heir by Kiera Cass

Series: Book 4 in ‘The Selection’.

“When you know what matters most to you, giving things up even yourself, doesn’t really feel like a sacrifice.” ~~ Kiera Cass (Book 4: The Heir)

The story of America & Maxon has ended with ‘The One’. So I should not have picked ‘The Heir’ as I’m not excited to know anything about their children.

But when I saw the book at the library, I thought I should quench my curiosity. It would not let me live peacefully otherwise, so I got the book.

Let’s find out if the story of ‘The Heir’ is worth the time….

Genre: Young-Adult Romance, Dystopia.

Main Characters: Princess Edalyn.

‘The Heir by Kiera Cass’ ~~ Synopsis:

Edalyn, American & Maxon first born is all grown up and is getting ready to become the first female ruler.

All’s well until they find that people are not happy or satisfied with their lives, even after the abolition of the castes.

They are rebelling and Maxon needs some time to find a solution to calm the people once again.

So her parents come up with a distraction idea that it’s time Edalyn organizes her Selection. Edalyn likes her parents’ romantic story, but she does not feel the need for someone in her life.

She wants to rule and does not want any distractions. If she only she’ a choice in the matter. She’s thinking about staying unmarried as long as possible.

No matter how she protests, it’s not lost on her that they do need a distraction, to come up with some plan to calm the masses.

So after refusing to agree to the idea of organizing her ‘Selection’ Edalyn agrees.

But not before getting a promise from her parents that no one would force her to do any such thing again if she failed to fall for someone by the end of the Selection.

Edalyn’s plan is simple: survive three months playing the game of Selection for the masses and scare the guys so much that they would want to leave even before the elimination round.

Edalyn’s ready to put her plan into action. But she soon realizes the importance of playing the Selection game. So she decides to fake interest and get ready to supply juicy details of her fake dates to the eager media.  

She also finds out that some Selected and public at large seem to not like her much. But she does not know what to do about it.


If only I had something good to say (sigh)….

I did what seemed impossible after a few chapters: finished reading the boring rumblings of one of the most boring characters I have had the misfortune of meeting in fiction.

“The Heir” is one of those stories in a popular series that are milked until they are on their death bed gasping for breath. It’s a horrible story with a horrible main character, Edalyn.  

The story is more painful to read because it’s from Edalyn’s POV and no one else has a say. She’s not a kind of character you’d like easily.

On one hand, I was happy that she’s such a strong and independent character.

But those traits are shadowed by her selfishness and nasty behavior. She lacks kindness and humility and is probably trained to be a robot queen.

She seems to have issues with everyone around. How could one person have issues with everyone and why? She thinks people exist only to serve her, including her family and especially her twin brother.  

Even my thoughts that she’s born a princess and is preparing to become Queen couldn’t help me like her at all. If she’d have been anything, but self-centered I probably wouldn’t have believe in the character.

But this character lacks tact and diplomacy of a politician required to run even a fictional country.

Forget country, she could not and would not be able to manage a small group without provoking rebellion & nasty clashes almost every other day.

I get it that the scope for improving and turning this character is immense here.

But I’m not holding my breath for any such thing to happen as most characters stayed one dimensional and stupid in previous stories too.

For example: Maxon.  

Maxon arrives on the scene with all his foolishness that he seems to have kept alive in his late thirties.

His answer when asked: why people are losing their heads even after he dissolved castes?

Maxon gives the wisest answers only an immature person at that age would give: I don’t know. He’d have tried to explain about people and their resentments.

My reaction: this kind of an person could only survive as a King in a fictional world. In reality he’d not have survived even for a night as a King.

I get it that the story’s written for 13 years & above, but that’s no excuse for immature characterization.

My attitude towards Edalyn softened a little after Maxon’s idiotic answer because I suddenly realized why she’s so stupid.

She’d not tell even after getting bombarded with rotten tomatoes, why people are doing it.

Another minus, this fictional monarchy does not even have a good PR or someone to teach Edalyn to, at least, act humble in public if she couldn’t manage it any other way.

“The Heir” is low on entertainment and there’s no romance. Romance is about characters wanting love even if they don’t say it out loud.

But Edalyn does not desire another human’s company, unless s/he exists to serve her as a slave. Not in her own thoughts and certainly not when she announces it once in a while.

Also, it’s also difficult to put up with a character that keeps complaining.

The blurb is misleading. Edalyn does not find anyone interesting by the end. She’s too stoic and guys are too one dimensional to attract any attention.

Hit or Miss: Waste of time.

Ratings: 1 stars/5.

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