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Book Review: The Jerk Next Door by Komal Kant

“Make time for what you love. Life’s too short not to. Your existence shouldn’t revolve around living someone else’s dream.” ~~ Komal Kant (Book: The Jerk Next Door)

While strolling in the Kindle Park I found this – The Jerk Next Door. The title & the cover invite to check out the book, but I checked out the blurb first. 😀

I may not check out the blurb under normal conditions, but I have made it a habit to check it out before downloading any book via Kindle Unlimited.

If you are thinking that might have prevented me from downloading book that don’t get my interest. Then let me tell you, reading and liking blurb is no guarantee that you’d like the story too.

Enough about the blurb and how it doesn’t work, let’s find out a bit about ‘The Jerk Next Door’….

Genre: Contemporary Romance / New Adult.

Main Characters: Isla Matthews, Leo Wayland.

‘The Jerk Next Door by Komal Kant’ ~~ Synopsis:

Isla at twenty-five is trying to figure out her life. A life she’s not sure she wants to live as it seems like living someone else’s dream – her parents.

After their death, Isla inherited their small flower shop and the house where she lives now. Once she loved to paint. Now all her energy goes into running the shop and trying to make it successful.

Despite help & support from her friends, she’s not succeeding in keeping herself out of debt or making the shop successful.

She doesn’t know what to do and is going through her life listless when one day she finds a naked man sprawled in her garden.

Isla also does not know how to deal with the opposite sex, since she no longer dates. And she certainly has no idea how to deal with a naked guy. Another thing is he could be dead.

Turns out, he’s her new hot neighbor and not dead. But after talking to him for a few minutes, she does not want him around her.

Hot or not, the one thing is for sure, Leo irritates her because he’s a jerk.

Now if only she could avoid him. But how to avoid Leo when he lives next door and refuses to stop entering her house without permission and gets her mail for her.

To maintain some distance from Leo, Isla tells him she’s a boyfriend. Leo seems to not believe her. So to prove her point, she convinces her friend Arun to become her pretend boyfriend, a move that backfires.

Soon she’s becoming fond of Leo’s weird ways and once in a while when he’s not busy pulling her leg, she likes him.

Her boring life’s becoming interesting and a nice guy, Scott, even asks her out. Isla justifies it to herself and her friends that Scott is the right and safe choice for her.

Not someone like Leo, with his free spirit and commitment issues. If only she could make her heart believes in the safe choice too. But her heart seems to like the jerk. Who annoys her and at the same time challenges her to follow her dreams. 😉


After reading ‘The Jerk Next Door’ I’m a bit confused. Is it a new-adult book or Chick-Lit?

By now I’m used to reading New-Adult books from a dual perspective. Of course, there are some books that are not from a dual perspective. But this one made me feel as if I was reading a Chick-Lit novel.

That’s because of so many characters. As I understand it, romance is about two people mostly. I know in real life there are more than two people around, but fiction is not real life.

Isla’s character is like almost most of the Chick-Lit protagonists. Sometimes her character annoyed me, but mostly I found her, her antics & her friends amusing. They made me laugh and that’s good.

So I kept reading. Leo’s character is like a stalker, even if he’s a harmless stalker. What else to call someone who enters into someone’s home without permission?

His antics are amusing, if you don’t stop to think about someone like him in real life.

Then there’s a small issue of I finding the story dragging and becoming boring for a while after 60% reading. It get’s interesting only after Isla & Leo fight.

Okay, even after finding out a few things I didn’t like, I would check out Ms. Kant’s books again.

“You don’t suck at life. But you gotta push yourself sometimes. Don’t worry about other people. Focus on yourself. Be the one you want to succeed for.” ~~ Komal Kant (Book: The Jerk Next Door)

Hit or Miss: Hit.

Ratings: 3stars/5.

Buy:   Amazon

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