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BOOK REVIEW: The Laws Of The Spirit World By Khorshed Bhavnagri go Genre: Religion/Spirituality

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go here I picked this one, not because I’m particularly interested in religion or even spirituality.

I thought maybe the book will present some alternate theory about the spirits/ghosts/Otherworld. Speculative fiction or something…anything but not this.

buying cheapest generic cialis soft tab The discovery that it’s religious in nature disappointed me (a lot).

cheap aristocort dosage go here ‘The Laws Of Spirit World By Khorshed Bhavnagri’ ~~ Synopsis: 

can i buy viagra in cvs The author decided to write this book when her two sons, who died in a car accident in 1980, contacted her from the spirit world via a medium.

The spirits of their dead sons wanted their parents to know that there’s no need to worry as they were doing fine in the afterlife.

Later on the spirits of their sons started to tell them how things work in the afterlife. Here are few things I still remember:

1. There’s only one God, all spirits believe in. And that’s what people living on earth should understand and believe in as well.

2. The book doesn’t reinforce the “absolute” idea of hell or heaven. Instead the idea presented is quite sci-fi in nature….

3. That is: there are different levels of the realms in the spirit world. And spirits thrown in the lowest realm levels are the ones, who have wasted their lives doing evil acts and didn’t do anything to advance their spirituality while on earth.

As per the book, any spirit can move to higher levels of realms by doing good deeds on earth because it’s easier here than working on being good in the afterlife. Progress of spirits growth is slow there so spirits should make most of their time on earth.

4. Law of karma. In layman’s term what goes around comes back around (reminded me of Justine Timberlake song).

Of course, every spirit gets a chance to atone for its sins so it can advance to upper levels of the realms.

5. A bad spirit while on earth gets approx. 3 chances to get his/her act together or else God summons the spirit back.

6. According to the author there are mediums, who can help people talk to their departed loved ones in this world. Nothing new here, we all have heard about people claiming such things.

But I have a question if we can talk to our departed loved ones long after they are gone, then what about the theory of reincarnation suggested in Gita. According to which immediately after leaving one body, soul/spirit takes another one to start a new life journey.

All these myths never really makes sense. But do seem to fill in as bedtime stories I suppose.

7. On each level there are higher-souls (you can call them supervisors) who guide and help other souls on their journey to reach higher levels so they can get closer to God. These souls help people in need on earth as well.

8. Another interesting point made is that people should believe in God, because without this belief attaining spirituality isn’t possible. That’s why I don’t like spirituality either.

Lastly: There are short-stories about alleged real people who either did something good or bad and got reward accordingly in this life or the other for their deeds. The Verdict:

Good book, though, it has nothing new to offer. I have a vague feeling that I have heard about these theories before.

If you’re not into entertaining anything remotely religious in nature, then skip this one.

Also, if you get the impression that this book will enlighten you about some new paranormal theory (speculative) like Bram Stroker did, then skip picking it.

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